Elitom El-Amin Quotes

Best 22 Quotes by Elitom El-Amin

“A breatharian is a person that eats very little or not at all.”

“Fasting is a meditative exercise with deep mental work.”

“First you got to learn how to eat, you got to put exercise into your life, fasting and so forth and meditation because that's the foundation of living on prana.”

“Food is a lower vibration of light.”

“Health starts in the mind.”

“If you tell your goals and plans to others, you are less likely to succeed,”

“It only takes one negative thought to change your mood for the day.”

“It's best to have little or no desires.”

“Learning about meditation gave me the knowledge to learn about the energy channels within the body.”

“Never regret what you have done. Stop resentment and complaining.”

“Sacrifice yourself to yourself.”

“Some people can absorb and transform light into ionic food for the body.”

“Stop demonizing fear, It doesn't mean stop it says proceed with caution or more strategy.”

“Sunlight in contact with the skin produces vitamin D. Vitamin D absorbs calcium from the gut into the bloodstream.”

“The body is a complete energy system in tune with the universe.”

“The brain doesn't think, you think with the brain.”

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“Always eat raw foods at the beginning of a meal, not once you have eaten cooked food. Eating raw food items after having eaten cooked foods will leave them mostly undigested and subject to fermentation. Avoid cooked foods items in your salad, especially protein foods.”

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“The brain is a magnificent electrical device amplified by the heart.”

“We never really encounter the world, all we experience is our own nervous system.”

“What I learned was the physical body was easy to get into a food free state but the problem was the accumulated habits I've done throughout the years of eating.”

“When the mind is aligned, the body will gradually follow.”

“You cannot really tell an experience, you have to go through the experience to learn about it.”

“You must see paradise to experience paradise.”

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“Give me the dangerous freedom. The secure slavery is a soul-killer.”

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