Emma Curtis Hopkins Quotes

Best 20 Quotes by Emma Curtis Hopkins

“All your affairs, as you now look at them, represent your former way of thinking. They are held together by the glue of your former ideas.

Now if you withdraw that glue, what can you expect, but that your affairs will all fall to pieces to let new affairs, representing your new way of thinking establish themselves.”

“If the Truth makes free when it is told, and we are not free, then the Truth has not been told.

The Truth that the Good belongs to us is greater than the idea that we might give our time, our labor, our life, and all we are to the Good, and still never satisfy it.

To tell how impossible it is for us to give enough to God breeds rebellion at existing orders.

To tell that the Good asks nothing of us but to receive its substance, will rest and comfort the people.”

“If you can redden your face with a thought, you can straighten your crooked bones with a thought.”

“Never the spirit was born,
the spirit shall cease to be never.
Changeless the spirit remains,
birthless and deathless forever.”

“Stop the accusation of foolishness and ignorance. Stop thinking anyone has to be taught anything, exactly as you would stop thinking anyone has to be converted or redeemed.

The whole secret of inspiration through your whole mind lies in dropping the idea of there being any foolishness or ignorance in anyone or anything.”

“The natural man perceiveth not the things of the Spirit, and he cannot know them, for they are foolishness unto him.”

“The soft flakes of healing are falling all around you all the time, even on your shadow.”

“While true understanding brings power, it brings humility. There is no feeling of mastery one over another, only over error.

True words are all of love, and if I speak any other words I do not speak at all, for they are not the utterance of truth. We do not speak true words until the mortal is put quite away-hushed.”

Bible Interpretations Quotes

“It is one of the first teachings of metaphysics that all environments, circumstances, conditions, all the people who come near us, and everything else, existed first as ideas in our own mind and now appear in plain sight to be known and read plainly.”

Bible Interpretations

High Mysticism Quotes

“All the forces of the universe cooperate with vision toward beatific ideals.”

High Mysticism

Scientific Christian Mental Practice Quotes

“I do not believe in a mixture of good and evil in the world, or in myself. All is good.”

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

“If God is your world, what have you to fear?”

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

“If you will look into the Science of Spirit you will see that your life is meant to be sustained by the Science of God and not by the science of matter.”

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

“The world will persist in exhibiting before you what you persist in affirming the world is.”

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

“We call metaphysics the Science of Life, because to know pure metaphysics is to renew the life and make death and accident impossible.”

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

“When the Lord is your confidence you will never find yourself at all deceived by the ways and speech of men and women, though they be very brilliant, if they speak outside of the Principle that demonstrates healing and goodness and life.”

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

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“Our 'mental organization' was such that it seemed as if we had two minds, each endowed with separate and distinct attributes and powers; with each capable, under certain conditions, of independent action.

And, for explanatory purposes, it was entirely irrelevant whether we actually had 'two distinct minds', whether we only seemed to be endowed with a dual mental organization, or whether we actually had one mind possessed of certain attributes and powers under some conditions, and certain other attributes and powers under other conditions.”

More quotes by Thomson Jay Hudson

“You have no idea how much of the inefficiency of mankind comes from thinking about the wrong-doings of others, and of ourselves.

There is nothing more miserable than to feel that by some mistake in life you have not amounted to what you might have, and that your misfortunes all hinge on that mistake.”

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

“You must be sure that whatever health is brought to mankind it all comes from God.”

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

Spiritual Law In The Natural World Quotes

“The mind is like a delicate instrument which a breath of air will affect, unless we know how to use and control it.”

Spiritual Law In The Natural World

The Radiant I Am Quotes

“I Am a tower whose radiance is the inspiration to pen itself in its divinity in every shape and name through infinity. I think this — I speak this — I write this — I live this.”

The Radiant I Am