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“1 day of good deadlift technique won’t do much.
1 block of good deadlift technique will do a fair bit.
1 year of good technique will do a lot!

All in the consistent execution.”

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“A few muscle building fundamentals:

- Novel stimulus via getting stronger in that 5-30 rep range over time with standardised technique.

- Use exercises that fit your structure to overload the target muscles.

- Protein at 0.8-1g per lb of BW daily.

-200/300 daily calorie surplus.”

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“A good analogy for building muscle is like cycling uphill. It’s f*cking difficult as it is trying to do it eating at maintenance or a deficit is like trying to ride with the breaks on. Eat in a slight surplus and give your body the best fighting chance.”

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“A good coach will save you years of f*cking about. Invaluable tool if you're unhappy with your results in the gym.

It's a no-brainer.”

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“As you become bigger/stronger you'll actually try to get more stimulus out of less weight.

Using better exercise selection, tempo, control etc. Signs of an high IQ lifter.”

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“Being regimented with your training will teach you to do shit even when you don’t wanna do it. Builds resilience if you wanna become an absolute unit.

Underrated benefit which transfers over into every other area of your life.”

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“Bulking doesn’t mean eating Über Eats every night. Recipe for disaster.

Eat similar foods but in larger quantities as you did when dieting. Much better strategy.”

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“Digestilbitly of your foods is huge when you’re deep into a bulk. When calories are high we want things that are gonna digest pretty easily.

That’s one of the main reasons white rice is a staple for me. Ticks all the boxes.”

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“Find movements that fit your structure. Execute properly with good technique so the target musculature is the limiting factor.

Progressively overload over time with standardised technique. That’s how you train to get bigger.”

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“If your elbows feel like they’re gonna f*cking explode with skull crushers but your favourite pro bodybuilders does them? Use your brain and stop copying others with different structures etc.

Change the exercise. Use cables or something.”

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“It’s not your genetics. It’s because you’re a sh*thouse who can’t stick to training for longer than 3 months.

Stop with the coping and put in the work.”

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“Nuts when people say to me 'I wanna train but don’t wanna get too big.' I’ve been training to get 'too big' for a long time... still not satisfied.

What the f*ck makes you think you’re gonna do it overnight?”

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“People are drawn to 'new' and 'entertaining' exercises all over social media. Guarantee the majority of them are gimmicks. You won't get jacked following gimmicks.”

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“People don’t care if you’re jacked? Biggest myth ever which is luring you into accepting looking like a sack of turds.

Walking around shirtless in the sun when you’re an absolute unit is an eye opener. It is what it is.”

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“People expect progress too quick in the gym.

If you added 5lbs to your deadlift every 3 months for the next year, that's 20lbs at the end of the year.

Big difference if you ask me.”

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“People have this recovery process backwards. Worrying about 'optimal recovery' before you’ve even stepped foot in the gym.

You have to make sure your training stimulus is up to scratch first. Don’t put the cart before the horse.”

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“Check your self talk. The conversion you have with yourself today has the biggest impact on who you become in the future.”

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“Respect for anyone trying to master their craft regardless. Putting themselves out there and taking the swings at uncertainty. Better than sitting on the sidelines doing f*ck all like most do.”

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“Two choices when losing fat:

1. Endless cardio alone ending up skinny.
2. Slam some weights along with daily step targets to get jacked.

I know what I'd rather do.”

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“We don't want to be that skinny pencil neck who's always dieting and never spends any appreciable time trying to gain muscle. This approach will hold you back in the long run if you're scared to lose a little ab definition.

As I always say... you can't sculpt bone.”

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