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“A true magician must not undertake anything regarding which he is not thoroughly informed.”

“According to the universal laws, the magician will form his own point of view about the universe which henceforth will be his true religion.”

“All these preparations clearly show that a human being must perfect himself in the physical world through his magical development in order to be prepared for the higher astral world after death.”

“Be kind and generous to your fellows, but hard and relentless with yourself.”

“He who is going to be a magician will recognize that life is dependent on the work of the elements in the various planes and spheres.

It is to be seen in great and in small things, in the microcosm as well as in the macrocosm, temporarily and eternally, everywhere there are powers in action.”

“If knowledge and wisdom keep the same pace in development, the adept is enabled to grasp all the laws of the microcosm and the microcosm, not only from the point of view of wisdom, but also from the intellectual side, that is, in a bipolar way, to perceive and utilize them for his own development.”

“In reality, good and evil do not exist, because Divine Providence created nothing that is bad and disharmonious; this is only a human concept. From the hermetic point of view, one type of being has to bring forth positive influences, whereas another type has to bring forth negative influences.

In an astral respect these beings are the tools of the effects on our physical world. They are also the cause of all effects in the astral body of every human being, whether they are initiated or not.”

“It is in an ennobled soul only that the universal powers can do their work, especially if body, mind and soul have been equally trained and developed.”

“It is not advisable to hasten development, because everything needs time. Patience, perseverance and tenacity are fundamental conditions of the development. The pains taken in one's development will be amply rewarded.”

“Knowledge and wisdom must go hand in hand. The adept will therefore endeavour to get on in knowledge as well as in wisdom, for neither of the two must lag behind in development.”

“Let us tread upon this path to this supreme Godhead practically and step by step, beginning from the lowest sphere, to arrive at the true realization of God in ourselves. Let us praise the happy man who will reach this still in his earthly existence. Us banish fear of the pains, for all of us will reach this goal.”

“Life is not a fairground, but a school.”

“Now let us regard the idea of God from the magic standpoint, according to the four elements, the so-called tetragrammaton, the unspeakable, the supreme: the fiery principle involves the almightiness and the omnipotence, the airy principle owns the wisdom, purity and clarity, from which aspect proceeds the universal lawfulness.

Love and eternal life are attributed to the watery principle, and omnipresence, immortality and consequently eternity belong to the earth principle. These four aspects together represent the supreme Godhead.”

“One must first become a magician before one he can become a Kabbalist. As a Kabbalist, one works differently and more advantageously.”

“Quite a different thing is, if a seeker, dissatisfied by materialism and doctrines, and longing for spiritual support, will ask advice and information of an adept.

In such a case the adept is obliged to supply the seeker with spiritual light and insight, according to his mental powers. Then the magician should spare neither time nor pains to communicate his spiritual treasures and lead the seeker to the light.”

“The activities and effects of the Fire and Air elements in the astral sphere call forth the astral-electric fluid, and the activities and effects of the Water and Earth elements call forth the astral-magnetic fluid. The spirit-beings use these fluids to create the effects or rather the causes in our physical world.

The Akasha Principle of the astral sphere maintains the harmonious equilibrium of the elements in the entire astral sphere.”

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“The central point which we see in the centre of the hieroglyphic Monad produces the Earth, round which the Sun, the Moon, and the other planets follow their respective paths. The Sun has the supreme dignity, and we represent him by a circle having a visible centre.”

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“The idea that by eating the meat of an animal, the animal powers or faculties could be conveyed to oneself is nonsense and originates in a mental ignorance of the perfect and genuine primitive laws.”

“The incipient magician will confess his faith to a universal religion. He will find out that every religion has good points as well as bad ones.

He will therefore keep the best of it for himself and ignore the weak points, which does not necessarily mean that he must profess a religion, but he shall express awe to each for of worship, for each religion has its proper principle of God, whether the point in question be Christianity, Buddhism, Islam or any other kind of religion.”

“The intuitive magician will find a certain relationship between the earth zone and the muladhara center.”

“The physical world is the point of departure from whence the magician works and upon which every human being, initiated or not, live and moves through his senses, his spirit, his soul and his physical body.”

“The pure mystic wishes to approach his God only in the all-embracing love. The yogi, too, walks toward one single aspect of God.

The bhakti-yogi keeps to the road of love and devotion, the raja and hatha yogi choose the path of self-control or volition, the jnana yogi will follow that of wisdom and cognition.”

“The sphere which is located beyond our physical world is called the earth zone. It is also known as the zone girdling the earth.

This zone has varying degrees of density, the so-called sub-planes, into which human beings enter after they leave their physical bodies. This is the astral world that individuals enter into with their astral bodies after their physical death.”

“There are no limits, and that applies to everyone on earth.”

“Through a particular magical practice it is possible to modify the being that has only one element into a being with four elements and to give it an immortal spirit. But a magicial will seldom intervene without good reason, because he is responsible and must justify his actions before Divine Providence.”

“True magic therefore is the high knowledge of the more subtle powers that have not yet been acknowledged by science up to this date because the methods of scrutiny that have been applied so far do not suffice for their grasping, understanding and utilization, although the laws of magic are analogous to all official sciences of the world.”

“Vegetarianism is not implicitly important for the mental progress or the intellectual development, unless it is supposed to be a remedy to clean the body from slag.

A temporary abstinence from meat or animal food is indicated only for very specific magic operations as a sort of preparation, and even then only for a certain period. All this is to be considered with respect to sexual life.”

“We must always be aware of the fact that the body, soul and mind are to be trained simultaneously, for otherwise it would be impossible to gain and maintain the magic equipoise.”

“We were born in charge of our own being, our own personality. Other people's personalities are beyond our control.”

“Whoever is willing to enter the magic path should regard it as his sacred duty to practice regular exercises.

He ought to be kind, generous and tolerant with his fellow men, but relentless and hard with himself. Only such behavior will be followed by success in magic.”

“Wisdom does not depend on mind and memory but on the maturity, purity and perfection of the individual personality.

Therefore, insights are not passed on through the mind, but – and this particularly – through intuition or inspiration. The degree of wisdom is therefore determined by the state of development of the individual.”

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“A person is limited only by the thoughts that he chooses.”

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