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“A person of knowledge and power never goes out looking for battles. All their battles are within.”

“Angry people, unhappy people, people that seek to injure others, these people all have something in common. They waste energy. They don’t conserve it and they don’t know how to increase it.”

“Any individual is capable of realizing the truth at any time. No tradition is necessary, no chain, no lineage. Once you have realized the truth, once you have become consciousness itself, then you go beyond all such distinctions.”

“By fully focusing your mind on your chakras, stilling your thoughts, and increasing your kundalini flow, you can rise above your body consciousness and unite your mind with the clear light of nirvana.”

“Everything is a state of mind. Astral travel is the ability to wander through different states of mind and develop psychic perceptions.”

“Happiness comes from self-knowledge. Self-knowledge means that you have understood your mind. Your mind is the whole universe.”

“Have the right attitude in advanced practice. Feel that you are always a beginner in Zen. They refer to it as ‘beginners mind’. I feel I am a beginner, always; because it’s true.”

“In Zen we strive to bring both the mind and body into perfect combination, so that there is no intrinsic difference between them.”

“It is necessary to do a very thorough examination of your life and to discover whether the people in your life, no matter how much you love them, are using you or abusing you.”

“Let us say your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend makes you happy. If they leave, you’re bound to be unhappy. You are the slave of the thing that makes you happy. You are a junkie and human relationships can be expensive habits.”

“Meditation is the bow and concentration is the arrow.”

“Most people are not in the world of awe and wonder. They’re in the world of deadness. Their perceptual fields and bodies are completely self-reflective, and all they see is themselves wherever they go.”

“None of this is real. All of this is an illusion and your acceptance of that fact is the beginning of the pathway to self-knowledge.”

“People who are humble don’t talk too much; they listen.”

“Self-honesty is not putting yourself down or feeling sorry for yourself. Self-honesty is looking at things as they are and then being compelled to make changes.”

“Self-realization is the last game on earth worth playing.”

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“Inward Training advocates a diverse training regimen, which includes dietetics, conservation, psychophysiological refinement, expansions of consciousness, and mystical unification.”

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“Some people say: “There is no God; because, if there was a God, God would stop all the suffering.” Nonsense! God is oblivious to suffering. God is beyond suffering. That’s what makes God, God, by definition.”

“Spend time alone in areas of low population density, where you can feel the stillness. Go out into the desert or up into the mountains or to the ocean where there aren’t too many people.”

“Stress is a state of mind and if you realize that you will find that it’s something you can deal with. It is my belief that stress occurs not because of the conditions of the world.”

“The abuse of power that seems to create the most unhappiness is when a person uses personal power to get ahead without regards to the welfare of others, or when power is used to go into the lower dimensional planes.”

“The best thing that you can do to deal with these high-speed times is to slow down, inwardly, to take a little more time for meditation, a little more time to enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea, and to look around at the people in your life with a little more love.”

“The body comes and goes. This life, my friend, will come and go. It is a fleeting moment, an impulse in an eternal reality.”

“The good news is that you don’t have to stop thoughts completely to meditate. It takes a long time to stop thought impeccably. What you need is to detach yourself from thought.”

“The greatest miracle is the miracle of wakefulness, to awaken from the dream of life and to see infinity everywhere, even in the finite, in the simple doings of life.”

“The mind is like a lake. It reflects eternity when it’s very still. If ripples appear, lost of them, then the reflection is not clear. We lose clarity of the perfect reflection.”

“The pathway to enlightenment leads to states of ecstasy, knowledge, and a pretty ironic sense of humour.”

“The scriptures recommend love and service to the enlightened to develop purity.”

“There is something beyond power. The totality of one’s being. Some call it nirvana. We have a higher destiny. Before you can scratch the surface, you have to bring your life into order.”

“We get so involved with the latest craze or having the latest car or the most high-powered house that we lose touch with that which makes us happy – what makes us happy are quiet states of mind.”

“We have this recurring dream that we’re human beings, that we have bodies, that we’re in time and space, that there is birth and death. To awaken from the dream of life is to be conscious of eternity.”

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“Daoism (Taoism) is a Chinese religious tradition in the process of being transmitted and adapted to a global context. On the most basic level, Daoism refers to an indigenous Chinese religious tradition in which reverence for and veneration of the Dao (Tao), translatable as both the Way and a way, is a matter of ultimate concern.”

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