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“Whatever you focus on, you become.”

“When the time comes for a change, you will find it occurring without having created it yourself. You may think that you are the doer and that you are creating the change. That’s nonsense.”

“Yoga means we go a step further back. In yoga we go to the cause. The cause of pain is not the world. The cause of pain is us.”

“You are happiest when you are most humble. You are most miserable when you are egotistical.”

“You don’t know why, but you know you have to go home. It’s an eternal longing. It’s Marvell’s drop of dew wanting to go back to the sky. We’re drawn by a force we don’t understand, through worlds, through experience.”

“Your life can be horrible or it can be incredibly beautiful. It can be boring or exciting. It’s seldom in between. Your active use of will determines what will happen to you in this and other lives.”

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