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Who is Gary Zukav?

Gary Zukav is an American spiritual teacher and author.

Born November 07, 1942

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“A power struggle collapses when you withdraw your energy from it. Power struggles become uninteresting to you when you change your intention from winning to learning about yourself.”

“An authentically powered person lives in love. Love is the energy of the soul. Love is what heals the personality. There is nothing that cannot be healed by love. There is nothing but love.”

“Changing the world begins with the very personal process of changing yourself, the only place you can begin is where you are, and the only time you can begin is always now.”

“Eventually, you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.”

“Humbleness, forgiveness, clarity and love are the dynamics of freedom. They are the foundations of authentic power.”

“If you want to have the kind of relationship that your heart yearns for, you have to create it. You can't depend on somebody else creating it for you.”

“If your addiction lingers, ask yourself if you really want to release it, because in your heart you do not.”

“Nonsense is that which does not fit into the prearranged patterns which we have superimposed on reality. Nonsense is nonsense only when we have not yet found that point of view from which it makes sense.”

“The first man to see an illusion by which men have flourished for centuries surely stands in a lonely place.”

“Trust allows you to give. Giving is abundant. As you give so it shall be given to you. If you give with judgment, limitation and stinginess, that is what you will create in your life – judgment, limitation, and stinginess.”

“What is nonsense, and what is not, then, may be merely a matter of perspective.”

“When the deepest part of you becomes engaged in what you are doing, when your activities and actions become gratifying and purposeful, when what you do serves both yourself and others, when you do not tire within but seek the sweet satisfaction of your life and your work, you are doing what you were meant to be doing.”

“When you do not take your interactions so personally, you will be able to see that each offers you a choice — to see yourself as a victim who reacts to the circumstances of your life, or as a creator who chooses your responses to them.”

“You cannot find your soul with your mind, you must use your heart. You must know what you are feeling. If you don’t know what you are feeling, you will create unconsciously.”

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“Acceptance without proof is the fundamental characteristic of Western religion, rejection without proof is the fundamental characteristic of Western science.”

Dancing Wu Li Masters Quotes

“Reality is what we take to be true.
What we take to be true is what we believe.
What we believe is based upon our perceptions.
What we perceive depends upon what we look for.
What we look for depends upon what we think.
What we think depends upon what we perceive.
What we perceive determines what we believe.
What we believe determines what we take to be true.
What we take to be true is our reality.”

Dancing Wu Li Masters

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“To be a consumer is the most primitive level of being. It is to be a mouth, an eater, a devourer of things. To discover the truth of who we are, we must discard the consumer mentality and reclaim our spiritual dignity.”

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“Some experiments show that light is wave-like. Other experiments show equally well that light is particle-like. If we want to demonstrate that light is a particle-like phenomenon or that light is a wave-like phenomenon, we only need to select the appropriate experiment.”

Dancing Wu Li Masters

“The subjective experience of wonder is a message to the rational mind that the object of wonder is being perceived and understood in ways other than the rational.”

Dancing Wu Li Masters

“You do an experiment because your own philosophy makes you want to know the result. It’s too hard, and life is too short, to spend your time doing something because someone else has said it’s important. You must feel the thing yourself.”

Dancing Wu Li Masters

Soul to Soul Quotes

“When you have an emotional reaction to what you see, you are judging. That is your signal that you have an issue inside of yourself - with yourself - not with the other person. If you react to evil, look inside yourself for the very thing that so agitates you, and you will find it. If it were not there, you will simply discern, act appropriately, and move on.”

Soul to Soul

The Seat of the Soul Quotes

“Every action, thought, and feeling is motivated by an intention, and that intention is a cause that exists as one with an effect.”

The Seat of the Soul

“Every experience that you have and will have upon the Earth encourages the alignment of your personality with your soul. Every circumstance and situation gives you the opportunity to choose this path, to allow your soul to shine through you, to bring into the physical world through you its unending and unfathomable reverence for and love of Life.”

The Seat of the Soul

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You receive from the world what you give to the world.”

The Seat of the Soul

“If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love others and you cannot stand to see others loved.”

The Seat of the Soul

“One thing we can be certain: A person that is engaging in violence is hurting deeply, because a healthy and balanced soul is incapable of harming another.”

The Seat of the Soul

“The decisions that you make and the actions that you take upon the Earth are the means by which you evolve. At each moment you choose the intentions that will shape your experiences and those things upon which you will focus your attention. These choices affect your evolutionary process. This is so for each person.”

The Seat of the Soul

“The remedy for an absence is a presence. Evil is an absence and, therefore, it cannot be healed with an absence. By hating evil, or one who is engaged in evil, you contribute to the absence of light and not to its presence. Hatred of evil does not diminish evil, it increases it.”

The Seat of the Soul

“Truth is that which does not contaminate you, but empowers you. Therefore, there are degrees of truth, but, generically, truth is that which can do no harm. It cannot harm.”

The Seat of the Soul

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“We can be kind, generous, just, courteous, and merciful sporadically, but to display those virtues, consistently, calls for an enormous display of courage.”

The Seat of the Soul

“When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul, that is authentic empowerment.”

The Seat of the Soul

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“Sexual energy naturally builds-up in the body of a healthy man or woman who refrains from excessive or wasteful sexual activities; and who indulges in the sex act with love and harmony. Such accumulated sexual energy gradually converts into other energy forms, which the man or woman can draw upon at times of need.”

Sexual Energy Transmutation

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