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“We have reason to believe that when, during the crusades, Europe at last began to establish hospitals, they were inspired by the Arabs of near East. The first hospital in Paris, Les Quinze-vingt, was founded by Louis IX after his return from the crusade 1254-1260.”

A History of Science Quotes

“Ancient portraits are symbolic images without any immediate relation to the individuals represented; they are not portraits as we understand them. It is remarkable that philologists who are capable of carrying accuracy to the extremes in the case of words are as credulous as babies when it comes to "images," and yet an image is so full of information that ten thousands words would not add up to it.”

A History of Science

“Men of science have made abundant mistakes of every kind; their knowledge has improved only because of their gradual abandonment of ancient errors, poor approximations, and premature conclusions.”

A History of Science

“My main interest is the love of truth, whether pleasant or not. Truth is self-sufficient, and there is nothing to which it can be subordinated without loss. When truth is made subservient to anything else, however great (say religion), it becomes impure and sordid.”

A History of Science

Ancient Science Through the Golden Age of Greece Quotes

“It is childish to assume that science began in Greece; the Greek "miracle" was prepared by millennia of work in Egypt, Mesopotamia and possibly in other regions. Greek science was less an invention than a revival.”

Ancient Science Through the Golden Age of Greece

The History of Science and the New Humanism Quotes

“The most malicious kind of hatred is that which is built upon a theological foundation.”

The History of Science and the New Humanism

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“Gustave Le Bon, who is one of the major scholars on the phenomenon of mass formation, warned us in 1895 already that if the process would continue to become stronger – the process of mass formation – we would soon end up in a state in which the masters of the crowd would take over control in society. And that we would, according to Gustave Le Bon, experience the emergence of a new kind of state, a new kind of political apparatus.

And that's exactly what happened in the beginning of the 20th century in the Soviet Union and in Nazi Germany. We saw this immense, large scale process of mass formation there. The objects of anxiety were the aristocracy in the Soviet Union and the Jews in Nazi Germany. We saw how the masses emerged and how the masses were grasped in this specific narrative. And then how suddenly a totalitarian regime took advantage of this mass formation and started one of the most cruel episodes in modern history.”

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