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The Tree of Life Quotes

“Alchemy in its broader scope, means the science of solar rays. Gold may be traced to the Sun's rays. The word gold means solar essence.

The transmutation of gold does not mean the process of making gold, but does mean the process of changing gold, solar rays, into all manner of materialized forms, vegetable, mineral, etc.

The ancient alchemist studied the process of Nature in her operations from the volatile to the fixed, the fluid to the solid, the essence to the substance, or the abstract to the concrete, all of which may be summed up in the changing of spirit into matter.

In reality, the alchemist did not try to do anything. He simply tried to search out nature's processes in order that he might comprehend her marvelous operations.

The Tree of Life

“To be sure, language was used that to us seems symbolical and often contradictory, but it was not so intended, nor so at all in reality. We speak in symbols.

If a man is in delirium, caused by alcohol in his brain-cells, we say he has snakes in his boots. Of course, no one supposes that the words are to be taken literally.

Yet if our civilization should be wiped out, and our literature translated after four or five thousand years, those who read our history might be puzzled to know what was meant by snakes in his boots.”

The Tree of Life

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“Eventually I discovered that people in my dreams were not always a part or it, but were evidently individuals with wills of their own. They looked like dream people, but could be told from them because I could will the former to act as I desired, but not the latter.

Sometimes these intruders into my self-dictated dreams elected to take parts very nicely in the dramas I started and sat back to watch proceed. At other times they tried to run away with my show.

Sometimes they appeared dangerously antagonistic, even frighteningly devilish and prone to attack me - at which times I neatly escaped them by rousing to full consciousness and, I suppose broke off the dream which made them able to appear.”

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