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Who was Georges Lemaître?

Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître was a Belgian Catholic priest, theoretical physicist, astronomer and professor of physics.

He first derived "Hubble's law" and proposed the "Big Bang theory" of the origin of the universe.

Born July 17, 1894
Died June 20, 1966
Aged 71 years old

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“Scientific progress is the discovery of a more and more comprehensive simplicity. The previous successes give us confidence in the future of science: we become more and more conscious of the fact that the universe is cognizable.”

“Should a priest reject relativity because it contains no authoritative exposition on the doctrine of the Trinity? Once you realize that the Bible does not purport to be a textbook of science, the old controversy between religion and science vanishes. The doctrine of the Trinity is much more abstruse than anything in relativity or quantum mechanics; but, being necessary for salvation, the doctrine is stated in the Bible. If the theory of relativity had also been necessary for salvation, it would have been revealed to Saint Paul or to Moses.”

“The Bible knows nothing about physics, and physics knows nothing about God.”

“The evolution of the world can be compared to a display of fireworks that has just ended: some few red wisps, ashes and smoke. Standing on a well-chilled cinder, we see the slow fading of the suns, and we try to recall the vanished brilliance of the origin of worlds.”

“There is no conflict between religion and science.”

“Was interested in truth from the point of view of salvation just as much as in truth from the point of view of scientific certainty. It appeared to me that there were two paths to truth, and I decided to follow both of them.”

“Your calculations are correct, but your physics is atrocious.

(said to Albert Einstein)”

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“These are the limits of the scientific method and of logic itself, insofar as they must rely on language. Our words are built on the objects of our experience. They have acquired their effectiveness by adapting themselves to the occurrences of our everyday world. But when we approach realities of another scale, these words can become obstacles.”

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