Gert Verhulst Quotes

Best 20 Quotes by Gert Verhulst

“Besides water and bread, a person needs absolutely nothing to stay alive. Even your gazette is totally unnecessary. You probably have a lot of ideals, but in the end you are only busy filling the pockets of your owners.”

“Don't drive people into the corner too quickly, because then they will stay there.”

“Everything costs money. If you have a low income and you want a new Mercedes, that is also difficult.”

“For starters, getting rich has never been a goal for me. You also have to do something that you enjoy doing.

You shouldn't go into the potato trade if you don't know anything about fries and don't like working with fries. You have to follow your passion.

“I read little. I prefer to solve sudokus.”

“I think there should be a little more understanding, from both sides. To my mother, black people were 'n*gr*s' – that word had no negative connotations for her. And no official body has ever explained what exactly the problem is with that. No, everyone should know that you can no longer use those words, because otherwise you are a racist. That bothers me a lot. Give people some time to get used to that.”

“I understand that the newspaper has to get filled up, but put something more cheerful in it. And consult the facts and figures, because the world is often different than what people feel.

“I'm not at all resentful about that sort of thing. If someone doesn't like what I make – I don't care. You should come and see what I'm yelling while I'm watching TV myself. I get annoyed every night. So I understand that such columns are written. And rancor would make me unhappy.

“If it wasn't necessary, no one would buy it and it wouldn't exist anymore.”

“If we have to lie awake because of everything that is said about us, we would no longer sleep. We're roaming wild, aren't we? You can say anything about us. If you do that about minorities, you will be cancelled. If it's not about men who don't have a disability, you can't say anything anymore, can you?”

“If you've been working hard all your life and still haven't gotten anywhere, then you've done something wrong.”

“Not everyone has the ambition to become rich. I know plenty of people who are happy that they can go home at five every day and turn the switch off. There's nothing wrong with that.”

“Someone who has a plan is at least ten steps ahead of the rest.”

“That average man, the common man — that's me. I like to listen to the songs that everyone likes to hear, I like to watch the programs that most people like to watch. That's who I am, I can't help it.”

“That is the risk of democracy – or should I say: a consequence of our democracy. A party that participates in elections can participate in governing.”

“The older I get, the more I try to spend my days doing things I enjoy.”

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“There are many who should be happy that their microphone is not always on.”

“There are people who have survived a plane crash twice. Because in such a disaster, most people no longer think clearly and do everything wrong, while that one person stays insanely clear and calm and does exactly what he has to do. By some kind of intuition. Was that person lucky? No, he did what he had to do. Winning the Lotto is luck. But you have to play, otherwise you'll never win.”

“There are people who haven't done shit all their lives and suddenly win 170 million with Euromillions. Otherwise, I don't know anyone who has a successful business, who hasn't worked very hard.”

“There are people who say that I was lucky, well, then they should just think that. There are 100 trains passing every day, many people jump on one of the 99 wrong ones, and that one person always jumps on that one correct train. Or take goalkeepers: some let all the balls through, others are always in the right place. Is that luck? No, that's talent, intuition, hard work.”