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“A woman at 20 is like ice, at 30 she is warm and at 40 she is hot.”

“Glamour is when a man knows a woman is a woman.”

“I am often late for planes. The airlines know me now, they call at home and ask, 'How much later will you be today?”

“I do what I like now. I just don't have time for it all.”

“I have experience seducing nephews.”

“I studied painting and sculpting at school and became an actress by mistake. I've had many lovers and still have romances. I am very spoiled. All my life, I've had too many admirers.”

“I want to leave a souvenir of my life.”

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“Love: the best cosmetics.”

“We are all born to die. The difference is the intensity with which we choose to live.”

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“The people who hurt you don’t get the last word. You get to tell the story of you, and “your story has more power than you can imagine.”

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