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“Always be better than your circumstances.”

“Because I am strong, I'd always choose and take pleasure in the easy path, the challenging one. I am certain of the result.”

“Believe in the truth before you believe in yourself.”

“Don't expect your life to change if you hate change.”

“Even if I had a chance to plant my seed in heaven I would still plant it on earth.”

“Every time I avoided suffering I suffered more. Whenever I embraced it, I suffered best.”

“Every time, regarding life, I put myself first, I emerged last.”

“Falsehood ensures satisfaction within the realm of our false self and curtails the satisfaction of our true self.”

“From understanding of, not familiarity with life I find comfort.”

“Humans' high affinity to wrongly follow is the number one cause of their adversity.”

“I am not a man of results, I am a man of appropriate action.”

“I do right not because I compel myself to. That I feel compelled by myself to, I do.”

“I don't need a reason to, I need reason.”

“I expect life not to be, but to be good to myself. Then I know I won't have to mind what life holds for me.”

“I walked a path called success, never reached a destination called success.”

“I will never live in hell but I will definitely pass through it.”

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“We wander for satisfaction – this has aids movements of unending edge as full satisfaction is not for desirous beings, especially humans – in the wide scope of wants.

What is then, the answer of satisfaction? This is for humans of deeper knowledge and better understanding – so, wisdom creates more time on the course.”

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“I wish and work towards it but don't intend to have things go my way. I am safer when they happen the way they do.”

“I would not like to be remembered as a great man but as a man who greatly contributed to the making of great men.”

“If by all standards I were unable to determine the right path, I would choose the easier one.”

“If you fail to try you are trying to fail.”

“It is a tragedy that we truly like falsehood, to falsely love the truth is a greater tragedy.”

“It is dangerous to believe that everything about convention is correct and anything contrary is wrong.”

“It isn't all about reaching the target, it's also about coming out better.”

“Lies are easy to find, avoid them. The truth is harder to find, seek it.”

“Life isn't about getting what you want, it is about giving what you have.”

“Nothing grows in the garden of safety.”

“Optimal exploitation of potential is the best substitute for genius.”

“Speaking the truth is better than speaking one's mind.”

“That my suffering made me stronger I appreciate. That my strength made me suffer right I hold dear.”

“The aim is not to be better than everyone else, it is to make everyone else better.”

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“Game shots, game spots, game speed.”

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