Goa Kerle Quotes

Who is Goa Kerle?

Goa Kerle is a Kenyan entrepreneur and inspirational author.

Born October 10, 1999

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“Always be better than your circumstances.”

“Believe in the truth before you believe in yourself.”

“Don't expect your life to change if you hate change.”

“Even if I had a chance to plant my seed in heaven I would still plant it on earth.”

“Every time, regarding life, I put myself first, I emerged last.”

“Humans' high affinity to wrongly follow is the number one cause of their adversity.”

“I am not a man of results, I am a man of appropriate action.”

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“I don't need a reason to, I need reason.”

“I will never live in hell but I will definitely pass through it.”

“I would not like to be remembered as a great man but as a man who greatly contributed to the making of great men.”

“If you fail to try you are trying to fail.”

“It is dangerous to believe that everything about convention is correct and anything contrary is wrong.”

“It isn't all about reaching the target, it's also about coming out better.”

“Lies are easy to find, avoid them. The truth is harder to find, seek it.”

“Life isn't about getting what you want, it is about giving what you have.”

“Nothing grows in the garden of safety.”

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“Optimal exploitation of potential is the best substitute for genius.”

“Speaking the truth is better than speaking one's mind.”

“The aim is not to be better than everyone else, it is to make everyone else better.”

“The concern is not that there are many people and few opportunities. It is, there are many opportunities but there are few people who seize them.”

“The great are ordinary people who act in a great way.”

“The mind has a tendency to bring about and worry about non-existent problems. This is the worst trap of the mind you should avoid.”

“The only special thing about successful people is that they think and act in a special way.”

“The paths may be different but the laws remain universal.”

“The problem isn't that people love falsity or hate the truth. It is, people are blindly and passionately in love with convention.”

“The reason many fail to cut the tree is, they come with a knife.”

“The rule of progress is, take the path regardless of the obstacles while the rule of stagnation is, avoid the path with regard to the obstacles.”

“The surest way to make the world a better place for everyone is making everyone better for the world.”

“The world is a perfect garden for your seeds.”

“The world is neither fair nor unfair, the question is whether you are fair to yourself.”

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