Hans Sloane Quotes

Who was Hans Sloane?

Sir Hans Sloane was an Irish physician and collector of rarities who is known for creating chocolate milk... Yep, I wish I was making this up, but I’m not.

Born April 16, 1660
Died January 11, 1753
Aged 92 years old

Best Quote by Hans Sloane

“The knowledge of Natural-History, being Observation of Matters of Fact, is more certain than most others, and in my slender Opinion, less subject to Mistakes than Reasonings, Hypotheses, and Deductions are; ... These are things we are sure of, so far as our Senses are not fallible; and which, in probability, have been ever since the Creation, and will remain to the End of the World, in the same Condition we now find them.”

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“To keep any great nation up to a high standard of civilization there must be enough superior characters to hold the balance of power, but the very moment the balance of power gets into the hands of second-rate men and women, a decline of that nation is inevitable.”

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