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“A picture must possess a real power to generate light and for a long time now I've been conscious of expressing myself through light or rather in light.”

“A thimbleful of red is redder than a bucketful.”

“A young woman has young claws, well sharpened. If she has character, that is. And if she hasn't so much the worse for you.”

“An artist must never be a prisoner. Prisoner? An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation, prisoner of success, etc.”

“An artist must possess Nature. He must identify himself with her rhythm, by efforts that will prepare the mastery which will later enable him to express himself in his own language.”

“Another word for creativity is courage.”

“Creativity takes courage.”

“Cutting into color reminds me of the sculptor's direct carving.”

“Derive happiness in oneself from a good day's work, from illuminating the fog that surrounds us.”

“Don't wait for inspiration. It comes while working.”

“Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence.”

“Exactitude is not truth.”

“From the moment I held the box of colors in my hands, I knew this was my life. I threw myself into it like a beast that plunges towards the thing it loves.”

“He who loves, flies, runs, and rejoices; he is free and nothing holds him back.”

“I am made of all that I have seen.”

“I am unable to make any distinction between the feeling I get from life and the way I translate that feeling into painting.”

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“No one is an artist unless he carries his picture in his head before painting it, and is sure of his method and composition.”

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“I didn't expect to recover from my second operation but since I did, I consider that I'm living on borrowed time. Every day that dawns is a gift to me and I take it in that way. I accept it gratefully without looking beyond it. I completely forget my physical suffering and all the unpleasantness of my present condition and I think only of the joy of seeing the sun rise once more and of being able to work a little bit, even under difficult conditions.”

“I do not distinguish between the construction of a book and that of a painting and I always proceed from the simple to the complex.”

“I do not literally paint that table, but the emotion it produces upon me.”

“I don't know whether I believe in God or not. I think, really, I'm some kind of a Buddhist. But the essential thing is to put oneself in a frame of mind which is close to that of prayer.”

“I don't paint things. I only paint the difference between things.”

“I have always tried to hide my efforts and wished my works to have a light joyousness of springtime which never lets anyone suspect the labors it has cost me.”

“I have been no more than a medium, as it were.”

“I would like to recover that freshness of vision that is characteristic of extreme youth, when the whole world is new to her.”

“I wouldn't mind turning into a vermilion goldfish.”

“I'm growing old, I delight in the past.”

“If I believe in God? Yes, when I work. When I am submissive and modest, I feel so helped by someone who makes me do things that are beyond me.”

“Impressionism is the newspaper of the soul.”

“In love, the one who runs away is the winner.”

“In the beginning you must subject yourself to the influence of nature. You must be able to walk firmly on the ground before you start walking on a tightrope.”

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“The work of art is already within the block of marble. I just chop off whatever isn't needed.”

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