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Quotes by Hiram E. Butler on The Cite Site Hiram Erastus Butler was an American astrologer and esoteric author. He was the founder of The Esoteric Fraternity and the author of 'Solar Biology: A Scientific Method Of Delineating Character, Diagnosing Disease, Etc. From Date Of Birth'.

Born July 29, 1841
Died November 3, 1916
Aged 75 years old

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Solar Biology Quotes

“It is well known to physicians that what will cure one will kill another, even when the symptoms appear the same, and medical students do not now have any scientific method of accounting for this difference, or determining wherein it consists.”

Solar Biology

“There are two general causes for failure and inharmony.

First, parents often educate their children in a calling for which they have no adaptability, and many times leave them a fortune with which to carry on that calling, and, as they have no adaptation to it, they soon lose their money, and, after frequent efforts to rise again, they get discouraged and become vagabonds on the earth.

The second cause of inharmony is misunderstanding of each other's motives.”

Solar Biology

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