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“Denial is pushing something out of your awareness. Anything you hide in the basement has a way of burrowing under the house and showing up on the front lawn.”

The Twelve Houses Quotes

“A man is allowed to visit Heaven and Hell. In Hell, he sees a large gathering of people sitting around a long table set with rich and delectable food. And yet these people are miserable and starving. He soon discovers that the reason for their dreadful state is that the spoons and forks provided for them are longer than their arms. As a result, they are unable to bring the food to their mouths and feed themselves. Then the man is shown Heaven. He finds the same table set out there, with the same extra-long eating utensils. But, in Heaven, instead of just trying to feed their own selves, each person uses his or her spoon and fork to feed one another. They are all well-fed and happy.”

The Twelve Houses

“All around us in nature, life unfolds according to certain inner designs. A rosebud opens into a rose, an acorn grows into an oak, and a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly from its cocoon. Is it unreasonable to assume that human beings share this quality with the rest of creation – that we, too, unfold according to an inner plan?”

The Twelve Houses

“The kernel of the 11th house is 'the urge to become something greater than we already are'. We do this by connecting to something greater than our separate selves – by aligning ourselves with friends and social circles, by joining groups, by identifying with causes which lift us out of ourselves and encompass us in a vaster scheme of things.”

The Twelve Houses

“The planets show what is happening, the signs how it is happening, and the houses where it is happening.”

The Twelve Houses

“The Sun is the kind of hero we are, but the Ascendant is the quest on which we must embark. The Sun is why we are here; the Ascendant is how we get there.”

The Twelve Houses

“We all have a tendency to become so ‘caught up’ and identified with activity and external happenings that we neglect and lose touch with the ‘I’ that is there underneath it all. We are so engaged in what we are seeing, what we are feeling, or what we are doing, that we forget about the ‘I’ that is doing the seeing, having the feelings or performing the actions.”

The Twelve Houses

“What’s more, somewhere deep within us there is a primordial knowledge or preconscious perception of our true nature, our destiny, our abilities, and our ‘calling’ in life. Not only do we have a particular path to follow, but on some instinctive level, we know what that is.”

The Twelve Houses

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“There are two general causes for failure and inharmony.

First, parents often educate their children in a calling for which they have no adaptability, and many times leave them a fortune with which to carry on that calling, and, as they have no adaptation to it, they soon lose their money, and, after frequent efforts to rise again, they get discouraged and become vagabonds on the earth.

The second cause of inharmony is misunderstanding of each other's motives.”

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