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“A belief does not even come close to having a direct experience. Everybody needs to have their own experiences.”

“A good thought experiment is to imagine that a snake, a bee, and a shark are all looking at a flower. A snake sees in the infrared spectrum, a bee sees in the ultraviolet spectrum, and a shark sees only shades of gray. Of course if you and I are looking at the flower we see something totally different. And all of us think we are seeing the same thing. We do the same thing when we are looking at the idea of God, not realizing that we’re looking at God through the different perceptual lenses of our society. And we all believe that we are seeing things more accurately than anyone else when in reality it’s only our angle of perception, or to be precise, the frequency of our perception.”

“All of the functions of your body have to be in harmony with Mother Nature. Most disease and chronic illness is because we are chronically out of sync with Mother Nature. Most of us are not living life according to the patterns of light and darkness in nature. Most of us are living according to ideas or beliefs that we have. Beliefs have nothing to do with life. Ideas are continually changing. What happens in Mother Nature is pretty consistent day-to-day.”

“All the diseases of civilisation, that are now of epidemic proportions because we're living inside and we're spending all of our days in front of computers. All of that stuff is reduced dramatically when we have ample amounts of light.”

“As people looked at colors, I would ask them how they felt. And everyone responded, but each response was individualized. With almost everyone, they were receptive to some colors, which seemed to give a pleasant feeling, and unreceptive or even allergic to others. With the allergic responses, people would recoil and show other signs of bodily stress. Subjectively, ''It doesn't feel good.''”

“Everyone thinks that we see by virtue of light that enters our eyes. But just as the aura creates the body, and not the other way around, we create our visual experience by projecting light out of our eyes.”

“Find a safe comfortable environment and take off your glasses and see what kind of feelings arise. Because the feelings that arise when you remove your glasses are often very similar to the feelings you had before you started wearing glasses. They are in fact the very emotions that were part of the situation that may have caused you to wear glasses in the first place.”

“I began to realize the relationship between light and life, and specifically within the human system. It's not just plants that take in light and ''digest it'' for nourishment through photosynthesis. This thing we call light, I saw, has the same relationship with all life as with plants. It is our own, formless source.”

“I began to see things that I hadn't even known existed. I saw auras around everything that had a life source in it, not just people, but mountains, trees, water.”

“I discovered that the colors that people were comfortable with were vibrationally related to the aspects of their lives that they were at ease with, whereas the colors they were uncomfortable with related to unresolved issues in their lifetime or unresolved issues that were genetically passed on from their lineage.”

“I saw that the colors, or frequencies of energy, that people are unreceptive to possess the same energetic makeup as their unresolved past experiences.”

“I saw that, even when they were not aware of it consciously, people were definitely receptive to some colors and ''allergic'' to others.”

“I spent years sitting with people, quietly observing, and I saw that every time we ''think,'' this light diminishes to almost nothing. This light around us is our precognitive aspect, it tells us what is about to arrive. It is our in-touchness with Life. And as soon as we go into the intellect, it disappears.”

“I started seeing this Light that seemed to surround and connect all entities that were breathing with Life. I spent the next years observing this Light, and I ''saw'' something I had never heard of before. Everybody says, ''The body gives off an aura,'' but I saw that it's the opposite. It is the aura that gives rise to the body. I saw that this subtle, energetic emanation was the very Web of Life, the physical body's interconnectedness with all things.”

“I’ve come to realize that what catches our eyes is actually looking for us and guiding our life’s journey.”

“If there wasn’t an “Internal Witness” or “Observer” that sees with no point of view, we would never be aware of the thinking, worrying or the internal rehearsal that most of us experience throughout the day. That “Internal Witness,” that does not speak, is the source of the seeing. It is actually what is experiencing this reality.”

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“Many ancient teachings tell us that we have the capacity to gain extraordinary powers through grit or grace. Techniques used to achieve these supernormal abilities, known as siddhis in the yoga tradition (from the Sanskrit, meaning 'perfection'), include meditation, ecstatic dancing, drumming, praying, chanting, sexual practices, fasting, or ingesting psychedelic plants and mushrooms.

In modern times, techniques also include participation in extreme sports, floating in isolation tanks, use of transcranial magnetic or electrical stimulation, listening to binaural-beat audio tones, and neurofeedback.

Most of these techniques are ways of transcending the mundane. Those who yearn to escape from suffering or boredom may dive into a cornucopia of sedatives and narcotics.

Others, drawn to the promise of a more meaningful reality, or a healthier mind and body, are attracted to yoga, meditation, or other mind-expanding or mind-body integrating techniques.”

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“If we can get comfortable with what used to make us uncomfortable, our whole life changes.”

“It's true that 98% of the light that enters our bodies goes in through the eyes. But the actual experience of vision is mostly projective.”

“Keep in mind that light is a very mysterious phenomenon. No one has ever seen light, only the reflections of it. There’s still an open debate about how much information is transferred by light.”

“One day, in one of my meditations, I had an out-of-body experience. I saw myself in the room, and what I was observing was absolutely crystal, crystal clear. But the most profound aspect was that I realized I was observing myself holographically - from every point in the room. I was ''seeing'' all aspects of myself at once.

And when I came out of the meditation and opened my eyes, my physical vision was just as clear as it had been in the out-of-body experience. Totally clear. I could see license plates, street signs, billboards.”

“Only one third of the energy that your cells create has to do with the food you eat. Two thirds is directly the light you ingest.”

“Our eyes are not designed to look, they are designed to see. They are not designed to initiate vision, they’re designed to respond to stimulation by light.”

“Practice being present with life as it shows up, and life itself becomes the healer.”

“Quantum physics states that nothing exists without the observer, and the form of what is observed is dependent on the observer's point of view. In other words, our life experiences are a mirror image of our present view of the world. So what we see, for example in another person or situation, is a mirror of our own makeup.”

“The best way to preserve a child’s vision is to let them see things their way rather than yours.”

“The reality of the situation is that science by definition is supposed to be looking at the outermost edge of what we know. What’s interesting is that real scientific spirit, looking at the unknown, and pushing the boundaries of what we know doesn’t always happen. Unfortunately, a lot of science has fallen into something that could be called a dogma, which is difficult to let go of. Real science seems to have forgotten that their roots are in the mystical realms.”

“The relationship between ourselves and what we call light is a mirror image of our own internal makeup.”

“The revelation I'd had was this: We don't see with our eyes.”

“Vision may be characterized by the interaction of light reaching the eyes but it’s not actually occurring in the eye; as a matter of fact my sense was telling me that it’s not even occurring in the brain.”

“Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins which is synthesised through our interaction with sunlight. When you have an ample amount of Vitamin D your chances of getting cancer, heart deceases and diabetes are significantly less.”

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“It is the absence of inner happiness and peace of heart and mind that makes a person feel stressed and take medications, eat too much protein and food in general, abuse alcohol and tobacco, drink excessive amounts of coffee, become addicted to work or unhappy with your job or with yourself.”

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