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“A good idea is always a by-product of 9 bad ideas.”

“A year from now, what do you want to look back on and say, “I am most proud I did this.”

“According the IRS, the average millionaire in the United States has at least five different sources of income.”

“All decisions are either growth decisions or fear decisions. Only growth decisions point in the same direction as your inner compass for success.”

“All obstacles have opportunities.”

“All of life is a game of high stakes poker.”

“Always be working on an evil plan.”

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“Always go to the place least crowded. Success is found where nobody else is.”

“Always try to move in the direction that makes you happy.”

“An addiction is a symptom. Find the real genetic roots of what is going on.”

“Anger is just fear clothed.”

“Ask for forgiveness, not permission.”

“Assume everyone around you is secretly an alien that was sent down to Earth to teach you a lesson or send you on a mission.”

“Bad things will happen. Treat them like opportunities.”

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“Basic garden math: 1% of seeds turns into 50% of the flowers. Plant lots of seeds.”

“Be around people who are kind to you and love you. Other people will make you unhappy, unkind, and unsuccessful.”

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“The most important person to impress is yourself.”

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“Be healthy: eat well, sleep well, move well. This creates energy so you have the physical ability to pursue dreams.”

“Be honest. It’s hard enough to live one life, let alone a double life.”

“Be the person everyone wants to be friends with.”

“Be the person that everyone remembers.”

“Be the stupidest person in the room.”

“Being able to communicate is the only way that a vision in your head can be transplanted into someone else’s head.”

“Being productive is not about sitting behind a desk so you get a promotion. Being productive is about using time to make a better you.”

“Blaming is draining.”

“Business is just a vehicle for transforming the ideas in your head into something real, something tangible, that actually improves the lives of others.”

“Buy convenience. If you have to spend your last dollar to have an easier commute always do it. Convenience is worth more than physical items.”

“By reading you download an entire person’s life into your head without having to live their life.”

“Carelessness costs jobs, respect, businesses, money, time. And time can’t be replaced.”

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“Choose to be good, choose to be kind. If you choose to care about what you do, and be kind, you will going to succeed, a nothing else will matter.”

“Clean your house before you save the world.”

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