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Who is James C. Scott?

James C. Scott is an American political scientist and anthropologist. He's big on anarchism.

Born December 02, 1936

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Seeing Like a State Quotes

“Designed or planned social order is necessarily schematic; it always ignores essential features of any real, functioning social order.”

James C. Scott
Seeing Like a State

The Art of Not Being Governed Quotes

“The larger the pile of rubble you leave behind, the larger your place in the historical record!”

James C. Scott
The Art of Not Being Governed

Two Cheers for Anarchism Quotes

“One day you will be called upon to break a big law in the name of justice and rationality. Everything will depend on it. You have to be ready. How are you going to prepare for that day when it really matters? You have to stay "in shape" so that when the big day comes you will be ready. What you need is "anarchist calisthenics." Every day or so break some trivial law that makes no sense, even if it’s only jaywalking. Use your own head to judge whether a law is just or reasonable. That way, you'll keep trim; and when the big day comes, you'll be ready.”

James C. Scott
Two Cheers for Anarchism

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