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“A beginner’s mind + an expert’s grind. Potent combination.”

“A behavior has become a habit when you notice not doing it.”

“A simple question that often changes my behavior:

Does the amount of attention I’m giving this match its importance?”

“A simple strategy that will save you so many headaches: don't care about winning trivial arguments.

Someone says something you don't agree with? Smile, nod, and move on to more important things.

Life is short. Not caring about having the last word will save you so much time.”

“A simple way to ensure you are focused on what matters:

Imagine everything gets wiped. You inherit no tasks or responsibilities from your past or present. Then, add back only what you miss.

Choose what to add to a blank slate, not what to keep from a full plate.”

“A strategy for thinking clearly:

Rather than trying to be right, assume you are wrong and try to be less wrong.

Trying to be right has a tendency to devolve into protecting your beliefs.

Trying to be less wrong has a tendency to prompt more questions and intellectual humility.”

“Abilities that lead to intelligence:

1. The curiosity to experiment and explore.
2. The honesty to observe the world as it is, not as you wish it to be.
3. The humility to kill your favorite ideas when you learn something new.
4. The consistency to repeat this cycle for life.”

“Aim to be great in 10 years.

Build health habits today that lead to a great body in 10 years.

Build social habits today that lead to great relationships in 10 years.

Build learning habits today that lead to great knowledge in 10 years.

Long-term thinking is a secret weapon.”

“All learning is dependent on feedback.

The faster the feedback, the faster you can learn.

Thus, in many domains, the individual, team, or organization with the fastest feedback cycle is the one that wins.”

“Always assume the result accomplished and it will be accomplished.”

“Always be prepared to absorb a big hit.
Always be focused enough to create a big win.
Diversified enough to survive, concentrated enough to matter.”

“An expert is someone who, over many years, manages to remain confident enough to keep trying and humble enough to keep learning.”

“Artists learn the rules, then transcend them.”

“Asymmetric advice: Advice from someone who can’t use it.

- A rich person saying “Money isn’t everything.”
- A fit person saying “Beauty is on the inside.”
- A powerful person saying “Stop caring what others think of you.”

It’s easy to give advice when you don’t face the downside.”

“Make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth.”

Mistakes of ambition:
-failing on a big goal
-creating something nobody wants

Mistakes of sloth:
-not attempting a big goal
-consuming instead of creating

Mistakes of ambition teach. Mistakes of sloth comfort.”

“Be forgiving with your past self.

Be strict with your present self.

Be flexible with your future self.”

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“Assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people can't accept your imperfections, that's their fault.”

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“Being yourself is a continuous effort.
There is always another expectation placed upon you, another person pulling you toward their preferences, another nudge from society to act a certain way.
It's a daily battle to be yourself, not merely what the world wants you to be.”

“Challenge yourself when life is easy, so you can handle it when life gets hard.”

“Concentration produces wealth.
Diversification protects wealth.”

“Cooking one healthy meal isn’t enough to get fit.

Writing one sentence isn’t enough to finish your novel.

Reading one page isn’t enough to make you smart.

Asking one person out might not be enough to find love.

... but it’s a good start.”

“Different meanings can be assigned to the same events.

Look for evidence of how the world is encouraging you, and you will find it.

Look for evidence of how the world is burdening you, and you will find it.

Choose an explanation that empowers you.”

“Do less. Keep returning to one thing and continue to refine it.”

“Do less. Stop dividing your attention.”

“Don’t feel qualified? Nobody does.
You can only be qualified to do that which you have already accomplished or trained for.
Anything new is accomplished by unqualified people.”

“Don’t put in average effort and claim that you want exceptional results.”

“Don’t spend what you haven’t earned.
Avoid financial debt. Don’t spend money you haven’t earned.
Avoid social debt. Don’t spend goodwill you haven’t earned.
Avoid calendar debt. Don’t spend (free) time you haven’t earned.
The disciplined earner can be a guilt-free spender.”

“Entrepreneur’s mind.
Athlete’s body.
Artist’s soul.”

“Entrepreneurship is the most accelerated school you can attend. You’ll never learn faster than when you have to learn fast to survive.”

“European cities are built for people. American cities are built for cars.”

“Every winner has an archive of many losses, but each attempt creates the chance for a victory.”

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