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Who is James Oppenheim?

James Oppenheim was an American poet, novelist, and editor. A lay analyst and early follower of Carl Jung, Oppenheim was also the founder and editor of The Seven Arts, an important early 20th-century literary magazine.

Born May 24, 1882
Died August 04, 1932

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“A faith like Lincoln's would transform the world!”

Bread And Roses Quotes

“Hearts starve as well as bodies; give us bread, but give us roses.”

Bread And Roses

Songs for the New Age Quotes

“Free men set themselves free.”

Songs for the New Age

War and Laughter Quotes

“Man's the bad child of the universe.”

War and Laughter

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.”

War and Laughter

“To be a god, first I must be a god-maker. We are what we create.”

War and Laughter

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“Bauval found that the Pyramids/Orion’s Belt correlation was general and obvious in all epochs, but specific and exact in only one: At 10,450 BC – and at that date only – we find that the pattern of the pyramids on the ground provides a perfect reflection of the pattern of the stars in the sky. I mean it’s a perfect match – faultless – and it cannot be an accident because the entire arrangement correctly depicts two very unusual celestial events that occurred only at that time.

First, and purely by chance, the Milky Way, as visible from Giza in 10,450 BC, exactly duplicated the meridional course of the Nile Valley; secondly, to the west of the Milky Way, the three stars of Orion’s Belt were at the lowest altitude in their precessional cycle, with Al Nitak, the star represented by the Great Pyramid, crossing the meridian at 11° 08ʹ.8.”

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