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“A fit body cannot be bought, it has to be earned. No matter how much money you've got, you can't go onto eBay, you can't go onto the internet and buy a healthy body. You have to earn it, you have to do the work, you have to put the effort in.”

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“A lot of people think that relationships are 'if you look after me, i look after you'.

Bullsh*t. You look after yourself for that individual and that individual looks after themselves for you.”

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“If your friends are looking for a discount for your services tell them to f*ck off.”

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“Wealth isn't always financial wealth, wealth is also physical wealth. And if you ask any wealthy individual who is sick or going towards the end of their life they would give every single penny they had to get their health back and to get some time back. But you can't.”

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“Make mistakes, make wins, fail, and try again, but never settle. The only time you lose is when you accept average.”

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