Jean-Pierre Van Rossem Quotes

Best 28 Quotes by Jean-Pierre Van Rossem

“1. The stocks you just bought will go down.
2. The stocks you just sold will start rising the day after you sold them.
3. If you buy them back they will go down again.
4. If you're in urgent need of money, the stock market is always at its lowest.”

“After my death you know which ministers' wives I shagged.”

“At the age of 22 I received a Ferrari as a gift from a jewelery store in Paris. The professors drove a rusty Peugeot 204 and I arrived in class in a Ferrari. I could get any chick into college. That was magical. A very unlikely life.”

“Bruges is beautiful, it's a pity that there are so many Brugeois.”

“Hedonism is the main characteristic of postmodernity.”

“I always seduce women with the same trick. I look at them. I try to imagine: who is that? And then I write a poem and I have it delivered by the waiter. If it's a factory girl, it certainly won't work. But if that is a person with a certain cultural affinity, then they will come and chat. And so it goes. That is not manipulation, that is tapping into the vanity of women.”

“I don't do anything anymore that risks a prison sentence.”

“I have learned that there are two categories of people: those who are for me and those who are against me. I don't think there is an in-between.”

“I know I've bought 128 or 138 Ferraris in my life, a bunch of paintings, 7 castles I've never seen, 2 airplanes and an $89 million yacht.”

“I made love to a hot nun.”

“I once calculated it: I must have smoked about 3.8 million cigarettes in my life. I easily smoked eight packs a day, one cigarette after another. That's more than two hundred cigarettes a day.”

“I regret everything. But if I had done it differently, it would never have been so fascinating.”

“I still owe the taxman. A little. 17.5 billion.”

“I want to talk about it with people who know something about it. You are politicians, you know nothing.”

“I was no ordinary prisoner, of course. Guards brought me all sorts of things. If I wanted to eat lobster, I would eat lobster in prison. Or if I felt like a good bottle of wine. I paid that myself and got it from the night shift. If those guards were paid a little better, those people wouldn't be tempted to do something like that.”

“I'm not a gangster: I haven't cheated more than the average banker. The only difference is: I didn't have seven ministers in my pocket.”

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“Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.”

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“I've been an *sshole, but an interesting *sshole. I made a lot of mistakes and made bad decisions.”

“I've been driving 300 kilometers per hour all my life and now I have an accident at 30 per hour. That's god damned.”

“I've slept with thousands of women.”

“If a woman who shows her *ss and t*ts can be considered a celebrity, then it has come a long way.”

“If I hit a tree tomorrow with my car, I'll think: 'F*ck it, I've lived a good life.'”

“Not everything can be approached rationally. Certainly ethical issues.”

“Our country is a mafia state where no one can be trusted.”

“Really happened: A cop shouted 'Stop, or I'll shoot'. And I said, 'Shoot me and you'll make the history books.'”

“The government is an obstacle to economic life. We want to remove that obstacle.”

“There is only one kind of legal slavery left and that's to be found in soccer.”

“When the tax authorities had assessed everything, I was forced to drive a Rolls. That was terrible. In the end I sold it, because I would rather go on foot than have to drive that Rolls.”

“Writing is an exalted form of lying which is exalted as art.”

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“There are people who have survived a plane crash twice. Because in such a disaster, most people no longer think clearly and do everything wrong, while that one person stays insanely clear and calm and does exactly what he has to do. By some kind of intuition. Was that person lucky? No, he did what he had to do. Winning the Lotto is luck. But you have to play, otherwise you'll never win.”

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