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Best 30 Quotes by Jedediah Bila

“America is among the countries the advance countries with the least equality of opportunity. So this notion of equal opportunity is sort of American dream is, is now a myth.”

“Any drug that alters a female's hormonal composition is a big deal.

I have written about my journey with hormonal concoctions, and I assure you that they are nothing to be taken lightly.”

“Drugs make me nervous, really, because I'm a control freak and I don't like to be out of control on drugs.”

“Every Harry Potter film features Lord Voldemort, who stereotypes evil. And movies that discriminate against evil have no place on campus, because evil has feelings, too. Terrorists cry during commercials and mad bombers enjoy long walks and campfires, too.”

“Every news network within their division has opinion and then has news.”

“Having a sense of humor about yourself is a sign of mental health.”

“I don't like watching people get shot so I would be a little skittish about that – squeamish, but I must say, I don't think the argument that this is going to offend Muslims is a legitimate argument.”

“I honestly didn't always want kids – for a very long time, it just wasn't a path I saw myself on. I wasn't even sure I wanted to get married!”

“I personally couldn't care less who's in the stall next to me as long as I don't have to see what you're doing in there.”

“I spent my college years studying what I enjoyed semester to semester-a little Spanish literature here, a little psychology there, a little marketing in between.”

“I think Donald Trump's language and the way that he presents things oftentimes is not good.”

“I understand why people could look at things that Donald Trump says and be deeply offended by them and feel that he is not looking out for their best interests.”

“I'm very hesitant to call somebody a racist, a sexist.”

“It looks like bribery. I mean, there is every appearance that Hillary Clinton was bribed to grease the sale of, what, 20 percent of America's uranium production to Russia, and then it was covered up by lying about a meeting with her home with the principals, and by erasing e-mails.

And I presume we might know for sure whether there was or was not bribery if she hadn't wiped out you know, out thousands of e-mails.”

“Margaret Thatcher said, you know the problem with socialism is that eventually it will run out of other people's money. And she was absolutely right.”

“Misguided liberal Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University professor and Nobel Prize winner, claims the American dream is dead.”

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“Reality is a great place to escape the internet.”

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“My advice to young people everywhere: Choose schools that encourage self-discovery early on.

Don't be afraid to buck convention. And when someone asks you what you want to do with the rest of your life, take the time to really think about it.”

“My parents, last time we went to Ikea, got into a huge fight, almost got divorced. My dad accidentally put his fist through the wood.

I don't know what it was made of. Just going there it's like a maze. My mom makes me go. I get lost. It's very stressful.”

“Once I hit 25, people started asking me about marriage and kids all the time.

I remember hitting 35 and some would ask the same questions with a strange tone, as if my life was somehow over because I hadn't yet settled into their version of happiness.”

“Redistribution depends on three things, amnesia, meaning you don't remember the murderous paths of these beliefs. Envy, you hate the successful in the present and used people who have nothing to earn yet.”

“The iPad is becoming the babysitter... Silicon Valley programs these things to be addictive.”

“The media does not love Hillary Clinton left, right or center.”

“The truth was that I didn't want a career in the conventional business world.”

“There are objective people, there are opinion people, and in my opinion that makes for a better America.”

“There's something about wedding dresses that turn you into Cinderella a little.”

“This world would be a better place if people just realized that there's no written-in-stone set time to do anything.

You could meet the love of your life at 18 or 48. You could become an amazing mom and be in the right head for that incredible journey at 24 or 42.”

“We don't reinvest in the American people. We don't put enough money into American education.”

“When I turn on an award show, I don't want to be lectured about politics, climate change or the NRA or a left-wing issue or a right-wing issue.”

“Yes, the mainstream media is painfully biased.” Quotes

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarves turned little people into crass stereotypes.”

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“Not doing anything is doing something and choosing to look away is a passive but no less mortal sin.”

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