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“Everything is being synced up, and it's harder to see where the skill starts and the technology starts and ends.

Maybe that's a good thing; it's more enjoyable for the listeners, more enjoyable for the party, if you don't need to worry about things falling off. So maybe we can concentrate on other aspects of the art form.”

“How we view ourselves can often determine the perspective and degree in which we see others and the world around us. Each and every one of us has a view.

Such a view, that it can shape the future of others and how they live, dream and look towards the future that we all hope is better and more fruitful than our past. This I believe is a common initiative.”

“I love music more than I love people.”

“I support copyright. I mean it is intellectual property, it is the thought process of someone and those things should always be protected.”

“My focus is creating more – creating a DJ set, but also creating the feeling that it's a certain type of production that's happening using multiple decks. I'm layering tracks together, but I'm kind of doing the same thing that I would do in a recording studio.”

“My job is to be a DJ and make people dance so if people dance, I've done my job.”

“Techno is everything you haven't imagined yet.”

“Watching people reach a higher level of consciousness. A fixation.

For a few moments in their lives, they transcend and become lost in the fantasy of it all. As a DJ, I'm trying to create the opportunity for this to happen.”

“You’re only limited by your imagination.” Quotes

“I think any information about any type of art form, it's always the right time. But since the last one, I could see there were many things about the culture of DJing that we don't really talk about.

We don't really look at how the music is made, how it's conceptualized, how it's put together. We talk about the equipment and the software, but we don't talk about the reasons why we put the music together in the first place.”

“I'm always producing with the idea that the music is representing one person. That could play a factor in the intimacy of it.

I'm always producing for that one person, never for a group of people – especially if it's non-danceable. I'm always thinking that one person's going to listen to this and that person might want to feel a certain way at a certain time.

That can be out in space, it can be at the bus stop, it can be laying in bed listening to music. I look at it as if I'm whispering in someone's ear, basically.”

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