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Jeff Sekerak is a fitness and lifestyle coach. Sekerak is a self proclaimed Freedom Fighter and the author of fitness books.

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“Contrary to popular opinion:

- All old people are not wise.
- All fitness trainers are not fit.
- All governments ate trying to murder their own people.
- Protein is a bigger scam than corona.
- You're not flying around on a spinning space rock.”

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“Don't try to fight evil with kindness. Evil just laughs at you.”

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“Drop the gym membership. Do uninterrupted sets of squats, push-ups and burpees in your backyard. You'll run circles around gym-goers. You'll release HGH. You'll burn fat, build muscle and forge a will of steel. And you'll save cash while you're doing it! A good deal, all the way around.”

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“Give me the dangerous freedom. The secure slavery is a soul-killer.”

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“Live a clean life and you'll keep the evil entities away. Load up on beer, bread, ballgames, drugs, death-shots, and late-night p*rn, and you'll attract them like flies on excrement. I'm not f*cking kidding.”

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“My advice for people in their 20's:

1) Write down your mission.
2) Act on it daily.
3) Steer clear of doctors.
4) Eat a big salad before anything else.
5) Never believe a single word government says.
6) Keep your circle small.
7) If you spot an energy vampire? Eliminate it quickly.”

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“No one went to the moon. Viruses don't exist. The Titanic was a murder conspiracy. Diana in the tunnel was no accident. 9-11 was an inside job. And you're not spinning through space on a 1,000-mile per hour space rock. Sorry. All you've learned is a lie. And a blatant one, at that.”

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“Once I had tons of friends! Then I started talking about 9-11, Diana's murder, make-believe WMD's, phony germs, fake diseases, and the fact that viruses as portrayed by the MSM don't exist.

Now, I'm down to just a handful of friends on earth! F*ck it. At least they're not idiots.”

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“Once you get off-grid. You'll realize:

1) You can never go back.
2) The death-pledge was a soul killer.
3) A tiny cabin beats an elaborate estate.
4) You really CAN live well with an outhouse, a solar panel, & a rain catchment system.
5) The are more important things than money.”

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“Personally, I do the exact opposite of smart cities. I'm in a rural area. I've got no neighbors. I pay no utility bills. And I catch rainwater off my roof.

Wait till I get the potatoes and cucumbers growing in trash barrels, out back. That'll really p*ss off the NWO control freaks.”

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“Speak truth. And they may well hunt you down, drag you through town, latch you to a post, and burn you alive in the village square. Thing is: If you don't speak truth. You make yourself a liar, a sellout, and a con-artist by default. Better to take a little risk... And risk burning.”

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“Usury is a crime. Don't fall for it.”

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“When was the last time government declared an emergency. And didn't use it against you? I can't remember.”

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“You've added a lot of value to mankind just by:

1) Not following the brainwashed herd.
2) Taking the road less travelled.
3) Always speaking truth.
4) Standing for what you know is right.
5) Saying f*ck you to Big Media, Big Pharma, and Big Government. Hold your head up high.”

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