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“Greatness is never given. You have to fight for it until you reach independence.”

“Hard choices, easy life.
Easy choices, hard life.”

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“I remember a research in which people were asked whether they would be comfortable if their friends advanced in their life. Majority of people said that they would rather their friends stay where they are.”

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“Athletes focus on what they do, not on how they look, although beauty comes along anyway.”

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“Becoming lean and fit is not a matter of training for a few weeks, like Rocky, to become a world champion. That only happens in Hollywood movies that portray professional athletes exercising for hours every day until they are exhausted. Real athletes never do that. They train only to the point that they can recover for the next day s training. Their progress comes in small increments, not heroic triumphs.”

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“If you want to become truly lean and fit, you must work at it like an athlete, following a structured routine and that is easier and more pleasant than you may expect.”

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“The principles that work for athletes also work for ordinary people of all ages.”

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“Unfortunately, movies have persuaded people that they can become lean and fit virtually overnight. Even the weight loss and fitness industry bought into this distortion and began pushing people to become like Rocky. When that approach failed, because people were injuring themselves or burning out or jumping from one program to another, trainers began to entertain their clients instead of finding solutions to their problems.”

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“Cultivate the mindset of an Olympian.”

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“Escape your limit. Learn the power of building a better character.”

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“Is worrying ever useful?”

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“Seek hard choices, flee easy ones.”

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“Stress doesn’t exist. Response does.”

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“Tell your easy choices 'No'.”

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“To save yourself you have to find something bigger than money, especially when you are rich.”

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“What does 'enough' mean to you?”

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“Your grandparents may have eaten these foods, but chances are you don’t. This has happened in large part because of the misguided campaigns against saturated fat, cholesterol, and red meat. But it’s also a consequence of our love for all things modern and our tendency to discount the knowledge of the past.

The problem is that these now-unpopular foods provide nutrients that work synergistically with those found in more commonly eaten foods and are difficult to obtain elsewhere in the diet. In other words, we may be well fed, but we’re undernourished.

The solution is to return to the practice of our ancestors and 'eat from nose to tail'. This means eating not only the lean muscle meat (like steak or chicken breast) of animals but also the organs, skin, cartilage, bones, and fattier cuts.”

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“What would a mediocre man do if he was not good in one most difficult exercise, and he would not want to train hard to become great?

He would invent a hundred mediocre ones to be good in many.”

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