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“A frame is a psychological model you build for yourself to organize and carry out a strategy to attain a goal; to move from spot A to spot B while guarding against detours and resistance.”

“An individual's frame is influenced by their willpower, perseverance, endurance, skill set, emotional maturity, and self assurance. The fact that frame is self-reinforcing is among its most significant features.”

“At the end of the day, it all comes down to how bad you freakin' want it. That's it.”

“Believe that your intuition will give you the answers when you ask yourself questions. Give your question to your intuition rather than trying to think it through or analyze it.”

“Focus on making yourself feel excited and powerful. Imagine yourself destroying goals with ease.”

“I find that the harder I work the more luck I seem to have!”

“Mindfulness is essential to frame control. It's crucial to just pay attention to your surroundings, thoughts, feelings, and responses to the situation or encounter in which you find yourself.”

“Not every customer is interested in your product. However, they are interested in themselves. Over-explaining the product may lead to information overload and losing the sale entirely.

It’s best to focus on painting a mental picture of what the customer’s life may look like when they buy your product. Once they’ve mentally bought in, then provide all relevant information needed to succeed in using your product.”

“People with strong frames typically achieve their goals most of the time.”

“Precision of thought comes from a tranquil mindset. A presenter can have a competitive edge if they are unmoved by the jabs and provocations that are directed at them.”

“Probably one of the often overlooked framing components is body language. The way a question is framed might depend on a variety of factors, including posture, mood, facial gestures, and grin.”

“Reframe obstacles into challenges and the stress will dissolve completely. For instance, an embarrassing moment at work can seem funny when put in a long-term frame.

When we change the frame we change the meaning. Was it a waste of time or was it a valuable lesson? Did you lose it all or did you get a fresh start? Reframing is one of the most powerful tools you can implement to change your state of mind.”

“Since words are like the color of a painting, how you organize and use them will have an effect on the discussion as a whole, choosing your words carefully is a talent that may dramatically improve your capacity to frame any discussion.”

“The ability to persuade is the secret of the cosmos.”

“The main questions in frames are 'Who are you to the person you are conversing with?' and 'Who is the person to you?' Frames determine who you are to each other in group contexts, such as social circles and night games.

Every reaction has an impact on the interaction's story or deeper significance. The interaction's 'tone' is established by them. However, every reaction also shapes how the receiver is perceived by others; your acts will shape how the receiver sees you.”

“The way truth or a topic is presented affects how we respond to it. Consider two milk containers as an illustration. One reads '20% cholesterol' while another says '80% cholesterol free'. We will choose the second alternative as a result of the framing effect.”

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“The first two years of being an entrepreneur will be a roller coaster ride. The goal is to eventually own the roller coaster.”

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“When people were attempting to persuade others in the legendary Arena in ancient Greece, frame battles were frequently conducted.

The delivery and techniques may have changed over time, but the fundamental ideas behind frame control have mostly remained the same.”

“When referring to human connection, the term 'frame' describes the significance you assign to a given interaction and how you characterize what is happening.”

“When we end up losing our frame in a discussion, it is typically due to a weak belief system.”

“You have to believe that you can achieve anything. You can become rich, you can become strong, you can take care of your loved ones and enjoy the fact that it will be very difficult.”

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“A memory without emotional charge is called wisdom.”

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“Are you working hard or hardly working?”

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“Be the person that you want to be around.”

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“Don’t talk yourself out of it. Talk yourself into it.”

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“Everything comes to you at the right time.”

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“Find a person who is as successful as you'd like to be, ask them what to do, do it and work hard.”

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“Had to lose to win, then told myself I’d never lose again.”

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“I consider myself successful as long as I know every damn day I’m giving it my all.”

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“I will win, Not immediately but definitely.”

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“If you want to create the life of your dreams, you have to start by taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens to you.”

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“I do like help people like I don’t have a mansion or nice car.”

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