Jim Goodnight Quotes

Best 11 Quotes by Jim Goodnight

“A healthy environment in a company increases the productivity of an employee.”

“Create a work environment that lets people be creative.”

“Creative people need to be treated like they’re very special people.”

“Encouragement, demand and teamwork are the success of an organization.”

“Innovation is the key to success and creativity fuels innovation. Creativity is especially important.”

“It’s an amazingly effective business practice, listening to your customers.”

“Keep your employees happy. They do a good job of keeping your customers happy.”

“People want a life with money, not money without a life.”

“Really, you just have to give people a great place to work.”

“Treat employees like they make a difference, and they will.”

“You can have success… if you start small and satisfy the needs of one group after another.”

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