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Who is John Dee?

John Dee was an English mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, teacher, occultist and alchemist in the 16th century.

Born July 13, 1527
Died January 01, 1608

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“All things are connected. We have animal aspects, anthropological aspects, plant-animal aspects.”

John Dee

“Many arts there are which beautify the mind of man; but of all none do more garnish and beautify it than those arts which are called mathematical, unto the knowledge of which no man can attain, without perfect knowledge and instruction of the principles, grounds, and Elements of Geometry.”

John Dee

“The central point which we see in the centre of the hieroglyphic Monad produces the Earth, round which the Sun, the Moon, and the other planets follow their respective paths. The Sun has the supreme dignity, and we represent him by a circle having a visible centre.”

John Dee

“There is nothing which so much beautifies and adorns the soul and mind of man as does knowledge of the good arts and sciences.”

John Dee

“Who does not understand should either learn, or be silent.”

John Dee

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