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“A jail is just like a nutshell with a worm in it, the worm will always get out.”

“All my life I wanted to be a bank robber. Carry a gun and wear a mask. Now that it's happened I guess I'm just about the best bank robber they ever had. And I sure am happy.”

“Before you rob your first bank, knock off a couple of gas stations.”

“I don't drink much and I smoke very little. I guess my only bad habit is robbing banks. Now you see, fellas, I ain't such a bad guy at heart.”

“I rob banks for a living. What do you do?”

“Lie down on the floor and keep calm.”

“My buddies wanted to be firemen, farmers or policemen, something like that. Not me, I just wanted to steal people's money!”

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“Never trust a woman or an automatic weapon.”

“No; small timers get into it, and ruin it for everyone.”

“Now nobody get nervous, you ain't got nothing to fear. You're being robbed by the John Dillinger Gang, that's the best there is!”

“OK, boys; let's go make a withdrawal.”

“These few dollars you lose here today are going to buy you stories to tell your children and great-grandchildren. This could be one of the big moments in your life; don't make it your last!”

“They're not going to get me.”

“We're having too good a time today. We ain't thinking about tomorrow.”

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“What do you expect me to do about it?”

“You can get more with a simple prayer and a Thompson sub-machinegun than you can with a simple prayer alone.”

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“I’m attracted to the extreme light and the extreme dark. I’m interested in the human condition and what makes people tick. I’m interested in the things people try to hide.”

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