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“Our physiology creates disease to give us feedback, to let us know we have an unbalanced perspective, or we're not being loving and grateful. So the body's signs and symptoms are not something terrible.”

“Procrastination adds stress but action leads to success.”

“Relax into the quietness within yourself where you feel as if you rise out of your own body or where you quiet down so much within yourself that external thoughts or activities are no longer relevant.”

“Saving money not only helps you feel more abundant and successful but it's also a great incentive. As savings grow, so too does your motivation.”

“So, when opportunities arise to express love and gratitude, take advantage of them and don't let these moments slip by.”

“Sometimes, the people who stand in the way and create obstacles are actually helping the most because they confront you and force you to come up with your best, enabling you to become a greater achiever.”

“Stress is the inability to adapt to a changing environment.”

“The purpose of memory is to store your delusions until you can bring balance and love to them.”

“The reality is that whatever you are looking for is, at the same time, looking for you. It all starts with believing before seeing.”

“There are so many little things in each day that create busyness and waste and not success. Such unnecessities rob us of valuable time which could be used for higher priority actions.”

“There is a vast intelligence running this world, and everything is in order; nothing is missing.”

“There is nothing that has ever happened or can happen to you, that is not a gift or a blessing.”

“There's something mystical about water. It helps us make transformations that alter our entire physical, mental and spiritual outlook.”

“We are controlled by anything about which we have unbalanced emotions.”

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“We feel greater self-worth and more successful when we provide services for others. There's a touch of the Good Samaritan in all of us, therefore, there is wisdom in setting aside special time in our daily routines for doing something that helps another person.”

“What people say I pay very little attention to. What people do I spend a lot of attention on.”

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“Hippocrates said that your medicine should be your food, and your food should be your medicine.”

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“Whatever we think about and thank about we bring about.”

“When our days are stressful and chaotic, overrun by deadlines and hustle and bustle, we often become so preoccupied that we forget to take time to open up to receiving this success-filled, inspiring guidance. I like to call the source of these messages our Cosmic Mailbox in the Sky.”

“When you follow the dream in your heart, you're energised, inspired, & motivated.”

“Wisdom is looking back at your life and realising that every single event, person, place and idea was part of the perfected experience you needed to build your dream. Not one was a mistake.”

“Wisdom is seeing how everything you experience and do is already assisting you in taking focused action towards your meaningful purpose every day.”

“Your bodies' signs and symptoms are a feedback mechanism to help you be true to yourself.”

“Your inner-most dominant thoughts become your outer-most tangible reality.”

“Your life demonstrates your values. Your words rarely do.”

Count Your Blessings Quotes

“When the voice and the vision on the inside is more profound, and more clear and loud than all opinions on the outside, you've begun to master your life.”

Count Your Blessings

The Breakthrough Experience Quotes

“The moment you realize you already have everything you’re looking for, the universe gives it to you.”

The Breakthrough Experience

“When you know that bad things aren’t so terrible and good things aren’t so terrific, you can be quietly grateful for whatever occurs. Balance is neither pessimism nor optimism.”

The Breakthrough Experience

“You cannot get rid of the positive and negative balance. If you try to put on a facade for the world about how positive and upbeat you are, there will be chaos in your private life or your personal health.”

The Breakthrough Experience

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The Heart of Love Quotes

“The purpose of relationships is to help awaken you to the inherent balance existing within and around you, and to assist you in acknowledging your own magnificence and wholeness.”

The Heart of Love

The Values Factor Quotes

“If there is something that you believe you would love to have in your life—such as a more fulfilling career, a life partner, or greater financial freedom—I can tell you that the reason you don’t yet have it in that particular form is almost certainly that you don’t truly value it enough.”

The Values Factor

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“He who copes with the world the best is often the one who will do the very least to change it. Instead, he will do the very most to teach everyone else how to cope with it.”

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