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“A few primary keys to becoming a leader in business include having a clear intent or purpose, a truly inspiring vision, a grand message to share, a genuine social calling and a targeted niche to serve.”

“A master lives in the world of transformation, not the world of loss and gain.”

“Are you living according to your highest values?”

“As little as five or ten minutes a day can be all that it takes to achieve your desires. If you focus yourself and seriously study a specific language or subject, you can eventually master it.

“Clutter creates confusion and organization creates flow and harmony.”

“Compare yourself not to others, but only to the vision you hold within your heart. Dedicate your life to a cause greater than yourself and watch you get beyond yourself. The very thing that someone told you that you would never be able to do may just be the very thing you are destined to do.”

“Count your blessings each night and end your day with thanks. Faster that any state of mind, gratitude can transform stress into success. It provides a mental rocket-ship ride to the next inspiring experience in your life.”

“Creating the disciple of self-acknowledgement for your successes is important.”

“Dedicate your life to a cause that inspires you and also greatly serves others. Master plan your life. If you don't fill your day with high priorities, it will automatically become filled with low priorities.”

“Did you know that if you read for just 30 minutes a day on a particular subject, in seven years you can be a leader in that subject?”

“Give yourself permission to do something extraordinary and amazing on planet Earth. Acknowledge that you have and can do whatever it takes. You would not be given true and inspiring dream without the potential to fulfill it. Listen to the wisdom of your heart and then use the sound reason of your mind to strategise and plan out the life you truly desire and deserve.”

“Gratitude is an attitude that arises when we realise that there exists an underlying balance of positives for each of the negatives. It results from the recognition of an underlying order.”

“Gratitude is the key that opens up the gateway of your heart that allows the untapped and inspiring potential of love to radiate out and cleanse your mind of any clouding uncertainties that could block you from living your most amazing and extraordinary life and dream. When you are grateful for what you have you get more to be grateful for. You life is fulfilled to the degree of your gratitude.”

“I am an early bird! I go to bed early and greet the new day with joy.”

“I am thankful for my gifts today. My heart is filled with gratitude.”

“I don't care if you're a parent giving to a child, a worker to a company, or a romantic to a lover, this behavior eventually leads to resentment. There's always a hidden agenda of "What's in it for me?"
It's often suppressed, and this is why sacrifice is ultimately unwise and incomplete.

Does this mean that there's no such thing as altruism, philanthropy, or generosity? No, it just means that anytime these exist, so do egocentricity, misanthropy, and greed. There's always a balancing force, even if it's sometimes hidden or unconscious.”

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“I've had love for women but I'm never gonna fall in love with a woman.

Because when you fall in love with a woman you start to lose grounding and you start to lose that rational thought. A lot of the stupid things that men do is because of love.”

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“I follow my success checklist daily, for I know the value of a checkup from the neck up!”

“I have found that the people in South Africa are fabulous. They are receptive and value fulfilling their lives. They are highly spirited and have dreams and desires to serve. I have learned how resourceful and efficient many people are able to live and how creative they can be and how much love they have for the families and extended loved ones. I love the spirit of South Africans.”

“I research, write, travel and teach. I rarely arrange for spare time. If we do not fill our days with high priority actions they will fill with low priority actions. I would prefer to live my life according to my highest priorities and do what I love, which again is research, write, travel and teach. It is my mission and calling. It is what inspires me. It is my destiny.”

“I'd rather have the whole world against me than my own soul, and this soul reveals itself in a state of gratitude and love.”

“If you don't have a cause bigger than yourself, you won't get beyond yourself.”

“If you don't put a value on money and seek wealth, you most probably won't receive it. You must seek wealth for it to seek you. If no burning desire for wealth arises within you, wealth will not arise around you. Having definiteness of purpose for acquiring wealth is essential for its acquisition.”

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up somewhere else. Your best chance of ending up where you would love to be is to know precisely where you are going.”

“If you look really carefully, when it comes to the Secret, the power or our mind, the power of our intention in our daily lives, it's all around us. All we gotta do is open our eyes and look.”

“Incurable means curable from within.”

“It doesn't matter what you use to open the door to your heart. What does matter is that you start and finish your day with the expression of love-filled energy and thoughts.”

“It is perfectly normal for us to feel #sad at times. Whenever we have set unrealistic expectations on ourselves or others and our reality does not live up to these unrealistic fantasies, we experience sadness.”

“Love is a synthesis in space and a synchronicity in time of complimentary opposite emotions.”

“No person is committed to anything but the fulfillment of their highest values.”

“Our health is what we make of it - give it attention and it improves, give it none and it subsides.”

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“Nothing will determine a man’s success more than the five men he surrounds himself with.”

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