John Jacob Astor Quotes

Best 19 Quotes by John Jacob Astor

“A man who makes a million dollars is just as well off as if he were rich.”

“An ounce of practice is worth a pound of theory.”

“Could I begin life again, knowing what I know now, and had money to invest, I would buy every foot of land on the island of Manhattan.”


“Good habits in America make any man rich.”

“How one form of commerce could be linked with another to the advantage of both.”

“I must recommend you to be particularly careful on the coast, and not to rely too much on the friendly disposition of the natives. All accidents which have yet happened there, arose from too much confidence in the Indians.”

“If you find the Indians kind, as I hope you will, be so to them. If otherwise, act with caution and forbearance, and convince them that you come as friends.”

“If you wish a thing done, get some one to do it for you; but if you wish it done well, do it yourself. ”

“The disposition to do good does not always increase with the means.”

“The first hundred thousand - that was hard to get, but afterwards, it was easy to make more.”

“The only hard step in building up my fortune was the first thousand dollars. After that it was easy. ”

“The plan was right, but my men were weak, that is all. The gateway to China will be from the northwest. My plans were correct. Time will vindicate my reasoning.”

“This country will see a chain of growing and prosperous cities straight from New York to Astoria, Oregon.”

“Three resolutions I made as a youth after leaving school: To be honest, to be industrious, and not to gamble.”

“To give something for nothing is to weaken the giver.”

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“When we learn how to store electricity, we will cease being apes ourselves; until then we are tailless orangutans. You see, we should utilize natural forces and thus get all of our power. Sunshine is a form of energy, and the winds and the tides are manifestations of energy. Do we use them? Oh, no! We burn up wood and coal, as renters burn up the front fence for fuel. We live like squatters, not as if we owned the property.”

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“Wealth is a result of habit.”

“What would you have me do? Would you have me stay at home and weep for what I cannot help?”

Three resolutions he made as a youth soon after leaving school. Quotes

“To be honest, to be industrious, and not to gamble.”

Three resolutions he made as a youth soon after leaving school.