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“A challenging healthy habit I've gained is being disciplined.”

“After having interviewed over 1,000 successful and inspiring entrepreneurs, I was on a mission to find out what made them different. How had they found success and freedom? The answer: because they know how to set and accomplish goals.”

“All the magic happens outside your comfort zone, and in order to get to that magic, you have to change.”

“Any entrepreneur who achieves sustained success has systems and automation in place to ensure stuff gets done.”

“Are you winning the comparison of yourself yesterday? If yes, then keep up the heat.”

“As entrepreneurs, we love getting to the finish line, but never crossing it. It’s true. If we never cross the finish line — aka launch, publish, make it real — then our biggest fears can’t come true.”

“Become a disciple to a plan of action you create each day. Let nothing distract you from executing that plan. Discipline will hand you freedom and happiness.”

“Disappointment is a possible result of every action. But what’s the result of no action? Nothing. Is that what you hope to accomplish in life? Nothing? Didn’t think so.”

“Every single person can absolutely become financially independent, if they so desire. I have no doubt about that. What will hold them back will be the imposter syndrome.”

“Everything in moderation — even moderation.”

“Find somebody who is where you want to be right now – and then reach out to that person for mentorship.”


Follow One Course Until Success”

“Go out and create a world that makes you happy, and practice gratitude for that world daily.”

“Happiness isn't handed to you by someone else. It doesn't appear out of thin air based on your job title or salary. It's not something you can purchase at the store. And it's certainly not something to ever take for granted.”

“Hard work, hustle, and grit are three things it takes to become financially and location independent. Commit to all three.”

“I couldn't get my head around it. Why did I keep failing at all these great opportunities – these great traditional career paths? And looking back, it's so obvious! I just didn't have any passion in ANY of those fields, at all!”

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“I have no idea why anyone wants to be employee 150,000 at Google when they can have massive impact, serious learning, and great upside at a startup.”

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“I have 8 different mentors every single week. I've had now over 1,000 mentors!”

“I love brainstorming and dreaming up big ideas and possibilities on my daily walks. Something about the fresh air, breeze, sun, and blue sky.”

“I’m crappy at a lot of things. I spend zero time improving in those areas. Instead, I spend my time improving at the things I already know and excel at. That is a good use of time. The world wants greatness, not mediocrity. Give up becoming mediocre at 99% of things and become great at your 1%.”

“If I had let that one setback lead me to quit, the thousands of impacted lives, the $10 million dollars in revenue, the incredible journey; all would have vanished in an instant. So many quit too quick. So many give up too early. The sad thing is, they’ll never know what could’ve been. Don’t let this be you.”

“If you can imagine a better future, you’ll naturally become more optimistic. Notice I said better. Not imagining a great future. Not imagining your dream future. Simply imagining a better future. That’s what it’s all about.”

“If you’re a giver, success will find you. If you’re a taker, success will elude you. Perform a quick, honest assessment of yourself, right now.”

“In the Army, we learned a good decision now is better than a great decision later. On the battlefield, later may never come. So make a commitment to shrug off your indecision. Take decisive action and be willing to clean up the mess and learn from your mistakes.”

“It's so easy to get distracted or chase after shiny objects. They're everywhere!”

“It’s not about how not to lose. t’s about how to finally win. I lose every day. Do I let that stop me? No. Because I know all I need is one win, and all the losses are erased. More so, I need those losses to learn from so I can achieve my win.”

“It’s okay if your current pursuit isn’t your current passion. It could blossom into passion, if you achieve success.”

“Just following your passion is too self-serving. It’s only focused on what you love, instead of the value you’re bringing to this world. And just providing value is a sure way to get bored, burned out, and sick of your topic of choice. But when you combine the two? Watch out!”

“Life is about how you react when you get knocked down, not if.”

“My lightning bolt came when I was driving in the car listening to podcasts — and I ran out of episodes to listen to. In fact, it was my aha moment to start my podcast and business, Entrepreneurs On Fire!”

“Nothing was near the realm of me having the skills that I needed. So I looked to somebody who was where I wanted to be.”

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“Too many CEO's brag about their employee headcount. Instead, they should brag about how much they do with so few people.”

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