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Best Make Trouble Quotes by John Waters

Make Trouble Quotes

“Go out in the world and f*ck it up beautifully.”

Make Trouble

“Hairspray is the only really devious movie I ever made. The musical based on it is now being performed in practically every high school in America and nobody seems to notice it’s a show with two men singing a love song to each other that also encourages white teen girls to date black guys.

Pink Flamingos was preaching to the converted. But Hairspray is a Trojan horse: it snuck into Middle America and never got caught. You can do the same thing.”

Make Trouble

“Nobody likes a bore on a soapbox. Humor is always the best defense and weapon.

If you can make an idiot laugh, they’ll at least pause and listen before they do something stupid... to you.”

Make Trouble

“Remember: you must participate in the creative world you want to become part of.”

Make Trouble

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