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History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science Quotes

“How is it that the Church produced no geometer in her autocratic reign of twelve hundred years?”

History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science

“So great was the preference given to sacred over profane learning that Christianity had been in existence fifteen hundred years, and had not produced a single astronomer.”

History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science

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“Basically people tend to pair off based on similarity and mate value. So the 8s tend to go with the 8s, the 10s with 10s, the 6s with the 6s, et cetera.

But you can have an 8 start out with an 8, but over time, let's say the guy loses his job or becomes an alcoholic or something goes wrong, or from the woman's perspective, perhaps her mate value increases, they move to a different environment or her career takes off.

And so it's very difficult to maintain perfectly matched mate value trajectories over time, but if a mate value discrepancy opens up, so you're an 8 and the person you started with was an 8, but now they're a 6.

Well, people start becoming dissatisfied with the relationship and look to trade up, look to divest themselves of their existing mate and either get back into the mating pool or trade up with someone who has shown an interest in them.”

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