José Mourinho Quotes

Who is José Mourinho?

José Mourinho is a Portuguese soccer manager known for his successes at Chelsea, Real Madrid and Inter Milan. He refers to himself as ‘The Special One’ and is considered to be nearly as arrogant as brilliant.

Born January 26, 1963

Best 10 Quotes by José Mourinho

“For me, the real age is not the age on your ID. That’s just a date when you were born.”

José Mourinho

“I would rather play with 10 men than wait for a player who is late for the bus.”

José Mourinho

“If they made a film of my life, I think they should get George Clooney to play me. He’s a fantastic actor and my wife thinks he would be ideal.”

José Mourinho

“If you want, you can make a silence very noisy.”

José Mourinho

“It’s not important how we play. If you have a Ferrari and I have a small car, to beat you in a race I have to break your wheel or put sugar in your tank.”

José Mourinho

“Sometimes you see beautiful people with no brains. Sometimes you have ugly people who are intelligent, like scientists.”

José Mourinho

“The moral of the story is not to listen to those who tell you not to play the violin but stick to the tambourine.”

José Mourinho

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“There are lot of poets in football but they don’t win titles.”

José Mourinho

“When you enjoy what you do, you don’t lose your hair.”

José Mourinho

On a injury crisis at Chelsea Quotes

“It’s like having a blanket that is too small for the bed. You pull the blanket up to keep your chest warm and your feet stick out. I cannot buy a bigger blanket because the supermarket is closed. But the blanket is made of cashmere.”

José Mourinho
On a injury crisis at Chelsea

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