José Ortega y Gasset Quotes

Best 10 Quotes by José Ortega y Gasset

“Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt.”

“Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be.”

“Living is a constant process of deciding what we are going to do.”

“Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.”

“There is no doubt; even a rejection can be the shadow of a caress.”

“To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand.”

“To remain in the past means to be dead.”

“We cannot put off living until we are ready.”

“We do not live to think, but, on the contrary, we think in order that we may succeed in surviving.”

“We fall in love when our imagination projects nonexistent perfection upon another person. One day, the fantasy evaporates and with it, love dies.”

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