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Best Quotes by Judd Apatow

“College is the reward for surviving high school. Most people have great fun stories from college and nightmare stories from high school.”

“Don't be a jerk. Try to love everyone. Give more than you take. And do it despite the fact that you only really like about seven out of 500 people.”

Sick in the Head Quotes

“Life is ridiculous, so why not be a good guy? That may be the only religion I have to this day.”

Sick in the Head

“You have to have a dream before you can execute it. The people who succeed are the ones who think through what the next stages of their careers might be, and then work incredibly hard, day after day, to attain their goals. They don’t just flop around like fish. They have a vision, and they work their asses off to make it a reality.”

Sick in the Head

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“Some are blessed with musical ability, others with good looks. Myself, I was blessed with modesty.”

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