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“A man does not deserve to pay more child support because he cheated.

Stop using your kids as pawns for your relationship problems.”

“Could you live without the healthcare or education system? Yes.

Could you live without plumbing, electricity, power, water, and shelter? No.

The industries that women work in (healthcare and education) are replaceable with natural medicine and homeschooling.”

“Do you ask your wife what we’re doing or do you tell your wife what we’re doing?”

“Female athletes have no barriers to getting equal pay – except biology. It’s not the mens fault we aren’t as entertaining.”

“If women cared about beauty standards they wouldn’t be fat.”

“Instead of getting divorced you should learn to stop arguing with your husband.”

“It’s so rare for me to see women my age with 0 tattoos actually.”

“No one watched the WNBA. I played for 16 years and I don’t watch it.

Ladies, either make it more entertaining or stop complaining about the pay.”

“No, women don’t deserve child support when they divorce their husband.”

“Stop asking men to communicate like women do.”

“Tattoos are trashy.
Fake eye lashes are trashy.
Heavy makeup is trashy.
Giant hoop earrings are trashy.
Getting fat is trashy.”

“The person that can afford the kid should get the kid.

Women are so entitled that they believe they deserve to have custody and get paid for it.”

“Truth is truth regardless of how harsh it is.”

“We should judge more books by their cover.”

“Women need men more than men need women.”

“Women shouldn't vote.”

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“I know everybody says that their bride was the 'most beautiful in the world.'

They're wrong. I win.”

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“You can’t copyright an idea.”

“You don’t get to dictate what the market finds valuable. You can moan and whine or you can adapt.”

“You’re a h*e if you have an OnlyFans.”

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“A year and a half ago my teammate was making fun of me for doing YouTube – saying my views were low.

I kept thinking the audacity of this girl – she was an overweight personal trainer and I never said a word!”

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“Abortion should be illegal in all cases. Point blank period.

Mothers who break this should go to prison.”

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“Andrew Tate’s only real crime is being too influential. The matrix won’t have it.”

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“Apparently I’m transphobic because I don’t want men to play in women’s sports.”

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“Ben Shapiro is responsible for so many people being conservative! He is absolutely one of the goats of my generation!”

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“Can we at least admit a chick not being a virgin on her wedding day is equally as bad as a man cheating?

It’s funny because virginity has a far worse impact on the marriage!

Data supports this. 80% change of failure after 5 partners!”

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“Conservatives be like “water is wet”.

And the left is like “source?”.”

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“Conservatives in general are not entertaining.”

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“Do what God calls you to do, not what your wife tells you to do.

Women are much more easily deceived than men.

Women have more emotional powers. Men have more logical power.”

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“Fat chicks are very very fat.”

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“Female billionaires vs male billionaires.

Elon Musk builds electric cars, Twitter, and rockets. Kylie Jenner sells makeup.

Which advances society more?

Yes, there are exceptions. But women monetising beauty is the rule.”

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“Stop being a lone wolf. This is the problem, this is why so many of you will never raise your value. You try to do it on your own.

You're trying to be Tesla and you need to be Edison. You need to get a group. People like you, people who wanna do stuff for you.

Being right, principled and moral only makes you a loser if you don't have the other components.

It's not an 'either/or' thing, life is 'and'. You need a group.”

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