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“He who does not desire or fear the uncertain day or capricious fate, is equal to the gods above and loftier than mortals.”

On Constancy Quotes

“For these other matters all this mourning is empty and pointless. It is just so with anything that is past: it is not feasible to grasp it again and restore it, and it is not allowed even for the gods to take it in hand.”

On Constancy

“It is as if I were in a ship where I am allowed to walk about the pass along the gangways or among the benches, but this petty movement is not at all significant enough to hinder the ship's course. So it is in this fatal bark that bears us all along: our wills are permitted to run one way or another, not to turn the ship from its course or stop it.”

On Constancy

“Why should God indulge us to the point of ruin, since we are truly children, who lack the knowledge to ask for what is wholesome or cast aside what is harmful?”

On Constancy

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