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Who was Keith Flint?

Keith Flint was the singer and frontman of British dance group The Prodigy. Flint was noted for his clownesque punk look, piercings and tattoos.

Born September 17, 1969
Died March 4, 2019
Aged 49 years old

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“Everything's so commercialised it shuts down the underground.”

“Going onstage is like going into battle. You're ultimately there to win. It's driven and fuelled by passion and a desire to do it.”

“I'm incredibly self-destructive.”

“I'm not here to change the world, but I do think while you're here you should have a bit of passion about life.”

“I'm not scary. It's scary for people to see someone being nonconformist.”

“I'm proud to say I've never listened to that 'Gangnam Style'.”

“I'm sorry, I'm not a performing monkey.”

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“If you're onstage thinking about what you're going to eat when you get offstage, it's time to finish.”

“Look, at the end of the day, we do what we do because it suits us.”

“Look, at the end of the day, we do what we do because it suits us. Don't you think it's kind-of cool to have a band that offends MTV, that puts out a video that real fans have to dig around for, or stay up late to see? The point is to be true to yourself otherwise you may as well give up.”

“People are getting force-fed commercial, generic records that are just safe, safe, safe.”

“The point is to be true to yourself - otherwise you may as well give up.”

“There is something about being on stage that's a release for me. It gets my mental energy out.”

“We're all taught to blend in and behave.”

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“When, and if, I get to 65, I'd like to say that I did everything - the lot. I'd like to think I bedded loads of babes and lived out my ultimate sex fantasies. I'd like to think I'd been through every colour with my hair and everywhere that could have been pierced on my body and been pierced. Even if all my beloved tattoos have gone saggy by then, at least I can stand up and say, I did it. Anyhow, can you think of any other job I could do? My school results were terrible and I don't know how to wallpaper or do anything else. Without this group and this job,I could be making lives a little more miserable for everyone by being the nasty one on the counter at a McDonald's somewhere. Think about it.”

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