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Christ Within Quotes

“Christ was the living embodiment of God's perfection and biblically we are told that Christ's Holy Spirit dwells inside all of us.

But what you may not know is how astoundingly literal Christ is inside our physical body.”

Christ Within

“In the human body there is a nerve known as the 'Tree of Life', it protrudes from the skull.

It is this nerve, the 'Vagus Nerve' that crucifies (meaning refines or transforms) the Sacred Secretion (or Christ Oil) into our Pineal gland causing us to see God face to face and receive the true anointing of the Holy spirit.”

Christ Within

“We had our myths and numerology traded for maths, gematria for geometry, and astrology forastronomy.

It's important to know this trade off happened. All to balance the universal mind, remember there are feminine mathematical arts which decipher the rhythms of life.

It's actually what our history is made of. Entire cities are designed with this in mind. Entire university curriculums are encoded with this in mind.”

Christ Within

“What if I were to tell you that Christ's crucifixion takes place in the brain?

Jesus Christ was crucified at a place just outside Jerusalem called Calvary, but what the word Calvary actually meant in the original biblical language was 'skull'.”

Christ Within

Regeneration Calendar Quotes

“Once a month, when the moon enters the zodiacal constellation that you were born under and for approximately 3.5 days thereafter, there is an opportunity for super consciousness awakening.”

Regeneration Calendar

“Super consciousness awakening is known by many other names such as the 'Great Regeneration', the '3-fold Enlightenment', the 'Kundalini Activation', and the Preservation of the Sacred Secretion.”

Regeneration Calendar

Super Consciousness Awakening Quotes

“There is a perpetual cycle occurring in the temple body.

The cycle causes degeneration or regeneration physically, mentally, and spiritually depending on your vibration and choices.

The regeneration of the fluidic (lunar) body happens monthly, coinciding with the moon.”

Super Consciousness Awakening

The God Design Quotes

“Carnal desires, meaning animalistic urges such as greed, ego, lethargy and lust, were distracting me from finding true contentment and purpose.”

The God Design

“I realised through further meditation and Bible study that seasonal devotion and occasional doubt were creating the illusion of separation from God.”

The God Design

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