Kenneth Blanchard Quotes

Best 28 Quotes by Kenneth Blanchard

“A problem only exists if there is a difference between what is actually happening and what you desire to be happening.”

“As a manager the important thing is not what happens when you are there, but what happens when you are not there.”

“Empowerment means that people have the freedom to act. It also means that they are accountable for results.”

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

“Humility does not mean you think less of yourself. It means you think of yourself less.”

“If God had wanted us to talk more than listen, he would have given us two mouths rather than two ears.”

“If you don’t blow your own horn, someone else will use it as a spittoon.”

“Knowing where you're going is the first step to get there.”

“Learning is defined as a change in behavior. You haven't learned a thing until you take action and use it.”

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

“People who produce good results feel good about themselves.”

“Quality is simply giving people the product or service they really want and need.”

“Some of the greatest advances happen when people are bold enough to speak their truth and listen to others speak theirs.”

“Take a minute: look at your goals, look at your performance, see if your behavior matches your goals.”

“The best minute you spend is the one you invest in people.”

“The best way to teach people is by telling a story.”

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“Man plans — God laughs!”

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“The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.”

“There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.”

“Too many leaders act as if the sheep – their people – are there for the benefit of the shepherd, not that the shepherd has responsibility for the sheep.”

“Unexpressed thoughts don't mean squat!”

“Vision is knowing who you are, where you're going, and what will guide your journey.”

“We can’t always control what happens in our lives- things will go well, things will go poorly-but what we can control is our response to those events.”

“When people don't know what’s going on, it’s human nature for them to imagine a version that’s ten times worse than the truth!”

“When you stop learning you stop growing.”

The Heart of a Leader Quotes

“An effective leader must step back, look at the big picture, and make sure the important things are not being pushed out of the way by the seemingly urgent needs of the moment.”

The Heart of a Leader

“Anytime you use your influence to affect the thoughts and actions of others, you are engaging in leadership.”

The Heart of a Leader

The One Minute Manager Quotes

“Goals begin behaviors, consequences maintain them.”

The One Minute Manager

“People who feel good about themselves produce good results.”

The One Minute Manager

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“Don’t accept favors from people you don’t want to owe favors back to. Undeserving hands always cash blank checks for more than the issuer intended.”

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