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“The first thing I tell guys I coach is that we have to get brutally honest about where you are and where you want to get to. Understand how far that is and put in the work.”

“The issue is: "So, I got to settle for an average man."

That's not settling, that's getting what you can afford to buy on the sexual marketplace.

If you want a high-value man, be reincarnated.”

“The man who has two children by two different women that he he never married. The guy in the last ten years has not built brick one of the school he's collected money from.

The man who calls you 'queen', 'mother' 'goddess', and all this other kind of stuff and again. Yeah, I don't have a problem with men like that...”

“The question is not 'Are women important?', it's relative contribution. If you take the wage gap, the way it's calculated – women's hours worked, men's hours worked, divide by the number and it comes up with a number.

Of course there's a wage gap but what it doesn't account for is multivariate analysis. We have these conversations about gender and it tends to be unvaried one way.

We don't take into consideration that just like women want higher representation at the upper levels of corporations, they should then have a higher representation at the lower levels too.

You need to be digging ditches. You need to be collecting trash. They only want the representation at the higher end.

Yes, there are women who are valuable in corporations but six percent of women in this country are earning 100,000 dollars - six!

In STEM – science, technology, engineering and math – it is known that colleges and universities are struggling to get more women into these programs.

So after these companies are built can women come in? Yes, but who's taking the risk building these organisations? Overwhelmingly it's men. ”

“The reality is many woman want men to come in to pay all the bills so they can keep their money and do what they wanna do with that money. They want you to bring in the extra money to pay all their stuff and then they wanna spend your money.

I don't think a lot of women today really want to be wives. I don't think a lot of women today really want long-term relationships. I think women today want short-term situationships until it's too late.

Then they want somebody to come by and save it. They wanna catch the last bus and they want the last one to be the best one.”

“Truly high-value men are failures. They're failures. They failed often and they failed in spectacular ways.

We're talking about a divorce, bankruptcy, repossessions, you know maybe flunked out of school, multiple businesses that are gone upside down.

You name it and these people have failed. And they failed in big ways because they tried a lot of things.

So I find it interesting that so many people are confused about high-value men having issues of failures in their past.

If you know any truly successful man or you know anybody who's really good at doing something, they don't trust people who had it the easy way. Because, one, they probably don't have a lot of respect for what it really takes to get there and two, they didn't make it their own way.

So good news, if you have the guts, the courage to try things you're going to fail. You're gonna miss the game winning shot, you're gonna miss the game winning goal.

The thing is, can you get back up and continue to press forward? So in order to be high value, you got to fail.”

“Typically women like you are trying to get something outside of their range, knowing it's outside their range, knowing that you don't know these kind of men. You don't know where these guys go, you don't know what they want.

Yeah, you're fixated on having them because you feel like you should have them because of your socioeconomic status. Not a good chance you're going to find that person. If you don't, you'll end up dying without one, meaning die alone.”

“We ask so much of each other without realizing how much of a sacrifice it is to give someone what they want physically, mentally and financially.

Women want a financially stable, young, sensitive man capable of violence and men want a chaste, sexually liberated mother who also can host dinner parties.”

“We do what we have to do so we can do what we want to do.”

“We have gotten to the point that for the most part we don't known how to relate to each other. We know how to swipe left, swipe right, hook up and get on.”

“We're shocked because people don't tell women the truth these days. Men get told the truth all the time. Women have no problem telling a man: I don't want an average man. It happens every day on my show.

TLC said they don't want no scrubs and we have no problem telling average men 'you ain't crap'. But if I just happen to have the nerve to agree with the woman that says she's average then I'm Satan.”

“What percentage of men in this country make six figures or more? It's 10%. So the question is what do those men – who make that kind of money, who all women tend to want – what do they want?”

“Why would a man who's earning $200,000 plus, who can have any woman, want you? We don't give a sh*t about your money. We don't care about your money or your career.

Let me tell you ladies why this doesn't matter. Because we don't have access to it anyway, and you won't be spending it on us.

Who in general funds the relationship? Men, right. I spend $600 at dinner. So I'm sorry, your six figure job and everything else don't mean sh*t to us.”

“Women by nature want to consolidate on the highest value man possible. Social media and dating apps have now made it where you have almost 100% of women wanting men in the top 10 and 20%.

To produce this outcome, which is unrealistic, you want a man making at least six figures, that’s only 10%, 14% of the population.”

“Women like you die alone, straight up, because you think you’re better than the men that you qualify for. And the only reason honestly, ma’am, that I can see a woman like yourself really thinking you deserve more is because you earn more money than most people around you in North Carolina.

High value men don’t care about your money, not the kind of men that you want. We don’t care about your money, it ain’t ours. We care about the fact that you are older, and you got kids and you're average in looks.”

“Women today have far more attention than they would ever get. And guys you got to understand that they have men in their inbox, their DMs, thirst is at an all-time high.

So when you have women that would normally had to have a reasonable estimation of their SMV, it's been magnified because of dating apps and things like that.

But ladies, let me tell you, that only works online. This is why cat-fishing is a thing. It doesn't work in the real world.

If you only get attention online from the kind of man you think you should be getting but in the real world you attract what you are.

So question, why are so many women overvaluing themselves. Why are so many of you "8's, 9's and 10's" unmarried?”

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“The health of any long term relationship (LTR) you might entertain depends and survives on the frame you enter into it with. The foundations of a healthy LTR are laid while you’re single and dating non-exclusively. I’ve yet to meet the guy who’s told me he’s getting more frequent, more intense sex after his LTR / marriage / live-in situation was established.”

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“You act on what you know and how you know how to do things. That's why I would never begrudge my ex-wives.”

“You think all women are good in bed? How come it's okay for you women to question whether or not a man is good in bed and that's completely fine?

"Gotta have an anaconda, girl!" Women can talk about size, girth, length, prowess, what he must do and that's completely okay.

But if a man simply asks 'are you proficient' that's stupid.”

“You're all out of whack with how men think. This is why you can't get what you want from us because you're valuing something up here that is a used vehicle with a lot of miles, just because you hand-washed it.

You were 20 your old hot, you had a 20 year old womb, you had a 20 year old body count, you had a 20 year old trauma, you had a 20 year old experience. That's what we value, that's all it comes down to for us.

Men value your youth, your fertility, your purity, femininity, submission, ability to cooperate and fitness. And all of that is at your highest in your youth.

The older you get, the older you get. No product gets more expensive with time and use.

Have you ever been to the pawn shop? Did you ever take something you really valued to the pawn shop? Did they hurt your feelings when they told how much it was worth? That's you and we're the pawn shop.”

“Young guys, you need to go out there and fail a lot. From 18 to 30, I want you working 60-80 hours a week, giving 5 to 7% of your time for p*ssy.

And I want you to fail a lot. I need you to try a business and fail at it, try something else and fail better.

Fear of failure keeps most people stuck in accounting jobs they hate for 6 to 7 years versus going out there being f*cking Gary V and failing at stuff.

Look at Gary V, he's tried a multitude of things, some sh*t that worked some that didn't work.”