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“All wokeness has to offer is to brainwash bright young minds like you to believe that you are victims.”

“Being anti-woke isn’t making you happy.”

“Comedy is downstream of culture, so the job of comedy, in my opinion, is to always be responding to the things that are wrong with society in that moment. Most people say that the job of the comedian is to make people laugh, yes it is but is that all? I don’t think so.

I think comedians should be saying: this is what the mainstream narrative is, and here are the holes in it. Comedians should be trying to take society forward, and they should be always pushing back against the mainstream because the mainstream is the authority.

Whereas what’s happening now is that you have a culture where comedians are essentially buying into mainstream culture. They are the woke ones; they are the super-woke. Comedians are super-woke. I am massively hated by many people in the comedy world because I’m not. So I’ll have plenty to talk about – no problem there!”

“Everything with jokes is about context. Jimmy Carr makes jokes about Jews. One of his jokes I remember is ‘They say there’s safety in numbers – tell that to 6 million Jews’.

You laugh because it is funny. I don’t think Jimmy Carr is Jewish but the thing with that joke is it is primarily about the wordplay. He’s saying that this saying doesn’t always apply and has found a horrific and funny example.

I don’t think that makes him anti-Semitic. But there could be a way of doing a joke that is anti-Semitic. No one really knows until you’ve said the joke, this is the thing. It really depends on the context.”

“Family is the one thing to truly give you meaning.”

“Fundamentally every human being’s journey should be about getting to a point of resilience where you’re not affected by what other people say about you. That’s the journey of a human being.

If you were truly whole and complete in yourself, someone saying something rude would not affect you.”

“Funny how people attack me for going on right-leaning media. Do you know that not one left-leaning publication or TV show has invited me on to talk about my speech? Not one. So whose fault is it, exactly?”

“I can tell you, there’s nothing worse than not speaking your mind when you know what the truth is. The material benefits of not doing that – are they worth it?

Well, that’s for you to weigh up. And it depends on what the material benefits are.”

“I don’t think you have a right not to be offended. You have a right not to be physically attacked.

I suppose under civil law you have a right not to be slandered and smeared and libelled. I mean, the offence is an entirely subjective thing.

You could say something completely innocuous and a person will interpret it as offensive. So no, you don’t have a right not to be offended.”

“I hate identity politics as a concept because what it does is it says there is no such thing as society, there is only individual communities. It takes people to the point whereas a straight white Brexit supporter, people have to go ‘I need my own community’.

That’s not what we need. What we need is a society in which everyone is treated equally, including straight white Brexit supporters.”

“I’ve made quite a lot of progress in my career by speaking logic in the face of idiots.”

“In my opinion, the response to people saying offensive things is to challenge them on it, or to ignore it, or to make fun of it, which is what I do.”

“One of the things that I found when I became better known and found myself in all the newspapers is I stopped having opinions on who people are based on their public perception.

Because I have the experience on the other side of what it is like for people to have an opinion about you that isn’t based on reality at all.

It has made me aware that I maybe don’t know who people are based on what their Twitter says.”

“People are starting to realise that you can’t just bang on about what’s wrong, you have to have a positive vision of the future.”

“We live in a society where what you are allowed and not allowed to say depends on your skin colour, and your gender and your sexual orientation. It is the reverse of Martin Luther King’s dream.

Martin Luther King’s dream was that everybody would be treated on the basis of their character. We now live in a world where we are treated on the basis of what our skin colour is and what our gender is and what our sexuality is.

People will judge you on what you look like and what your genitals are and who you like to sleep with before they know anything about you.”

“We need to get back to Martin Luther King’s dream, where people are treated on the content of their character, not their skin colour and not on their political viewpoints.”

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“When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.”

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“We’ve all said stupid stuff. But if you go to prison every time you say the wrong thing, that’s a problem. We do need to have soft boundaries on what is and isn’t acceptable.

There are always people who will say things that are in their time perceived as unacceptable. Sometimes these people end up being Galileo and sometimes they end up just being pricks. It is the price you pay for living in a free society.”

“What is going to make you happy? Because let’s be honest, you know, dating apps are not making you happy… Being anti-woke isn’t making you happy.

It’s making you miserable. So what is actually going to give you fulfilment and meaning and purpose in your life?”

“What we have now is a society where certain groups have engineered themselves into a position where they are receiving what they call positive discrimination, which is discrimination. It’s just discrimination against people you’re allowed to discriminate against.

And it is dangerous precisely because it drives people into their own space. "We’re straight white men, we’re being discriminated against, let’s start a straight white men group."

The problem with that is that the one group of people you don’t necessarily want to be angry and organised is straight white men, for historically obvious reasons.”

“You've got to be careful with opinion polls in totalitarian regimes.”

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“Freedom, human rights, tolerance, peace and prosperity are like the eternal flame that must be guarded, nurtured and never, ever taken for granted.”

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Twitter post Quotes

“Facts don't care about you being antsy.”

Twitter post

“I've noticed that I am much more likely to reply to negative comments than positive ones on Twitter. Which is ridiculous.

Every time I post I get hundreds of encouraging, supportive and kind responses and I focus on the handful of idiots.

Saying this to be conscious of it.”

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“In life, rewards are rarely linear. You have to work for months and sometimes years with little encouragement or reward to build something that can achieve lift-off.

And then you arrive at the next plateau. Where you must work and build again.”

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“No amount of faith in humanity survives first contact with social media.”

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“One of the biggest unspoken truths of modern Western society is that women have been brainwashed into acting in ways that are fundamentally against their own long term happiness and well-being in order to maintain the myth that men and women are the same.

It's tragic but what's worse is that there is a conspiracy of silence around this issue from both sexes. Yet when you speak to new mothers or, worse, women in their late 30s/early 40s who didn't have kids, behind closed doors they speak honestly about it.

Anti-natalism specifically and the lie of 'having it all' generally are going to hurt at least 2 generations of young women and the impact on children and society at large is going to be absolutely horrendous in ways that aren't even possible to predict right now.”

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“One of the things I love about the way men communicate with each other is that we can argue, fall out and fight and a few minutes later we can move on and be cool.”

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“Some feminists are upset because they think I want them back in the kitchen.

To be clear, I do not want you in the kitchen. Most of you can't cook for sh*t.”

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“Too many people appear to have forgotten that just because something is happening to someone you dislike that doesn't mean it's right.”

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“Too many people confuse 'I don't want that banned' with 'I approve of that'.

A lot of the time the 'confusion' is deliberate.”

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“It makes you wanna kick a fat kid at K-Mart.”

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