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Who is Lady Hester Stanhope?

Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope was a British socialite, adventurer and traveller who undertook an archaeological expedition to Ashkelon.

Born March 12, 1776
Died June 23, 1839

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“Education is all paint - it does not alter the nature of the wood that lies under it, it only improves its appearance a little. Why I dislike education so much is, that it makes all people alike, until you have examined into them; and it sometimes is so long before you get to see under the varnish!”

“Everybody has a character, and so they have a behind: but they don't go about showing the one any more than the other.”

“I am not bound to give reasons for what I do to anybody.”

“I like traveling of all things; it is a constant change of ideas.”

“If people expect that I should not tell them the truth to their face, they are mistaken; and if you or anybody else acts a fool, I must say so.”

“It is only the vulgar who are always fancying themselves insulted. If a man treads on another's toe in good society, do you think it is taken as an insult?”

“My roses are my jewels; the sun, moon, and stars my clocks; fruit and water my fare.”

“Nature forms us in a certain manner, both inwardly and outwardly, and it is in vain to attempt to alter it.”

“Nobody is such a fool as to moider away his time in the slip-slop conversation of a pack of women.”

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“At the bidding of a Peter the Hermit millions of men hurled themselves against the East; the words of a hallucinated enthusiast such as Mahomet created a force capable of triumphing over the Graeco-Roman world; an obscure monk like Luther bathed Europe in blood. The voice of a Galileo or a Newton will never have the least echo among the masses. The inventors of genius hasten the march of civilization. The fanatics and the hallucinated create history.”

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