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Mary Alice Kemery popularly known as Linda Goodman was a New York Times bestselling American astrologer and poet. She is notable as the author of the first astrology book to make The New York Times Best Seller list.

Born April 09, 1925
Died October 21, 1995

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“Avoid retirement playgrounds like poison, because that's exactly what they are.”

Linda Goodman

“Love is not always doing what brings pleasure; love is also doing what is good for someone, whatever the cost at the moment. sometimes, it's leaving... for a while - and the love is shown, then, in the pain given. For pain is a lesson best learned from the one who loves you the most.”

Linda Goodman

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“The stars which shone over Babylon and the stable in Bethlehem still shine as brightly over the Empire State Building and your front yard today.”

Linda Goodman
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